**Note - there are many many House of Krazees shirts out there, most of which are fairly rare. Someday we shall put them up here. Today, however, is not that day.**

  1. Mr. Bones  $$++
    Colors: Black, Dark Green
    Comments: I wanted to keep this section all Twiztid/Psychopathic, but the time has come to add this shirt. You all saw it on Born Twiztid, so it's pretty hot now. It has a Bat with Mr Bones written on it on the front, and a demonic face on the back. Word has it (from Madrox himself) that there were 10 made and sold to promote Sacrifice. I will not even dishonor this shirt with a price, because I saw one on eBay go for a lot. There is also a Green one in the Trading world, and word has it that there were only two of these made, this making a rare shirt even rarer.

  2. Original Mostasteless  $75+
    Versions: 1) "Mostasteless" Back
                     2) Blank Back
    Comments: These were the First Mostasteless shirts made, even before the Red Lettered Black Mostasteless. These are believed to be prototypes, so not many at all were produced.I have heard that 5 were made of the ones with "Mostasteless The Album" on the back, but who really knows. Also, if you can't see, in addition to the backs, the lettering is different on these shirts also.

  3. Mostasteless  $25
    Colors: Red, Blue, GreenBlack/BlackBlack/Silver; Purple; Black/Yellow Black/Silver #2
    Comments: These shirts all have the "Twiztid" logo across the front w/ "Mostasteless The Album" on the back. Red and Blue were the OG colors. The Purple, Green and Black versions came much later than the first two, but all are about the same rarity/value. If any is rarest of the group, it would be the Black on Black, which was available for only a short time, and I have heard only 40 were made. Regardless, these are harder to find, and are more valuable than the others. The Silver came out soon thereafter. The Black/Yellow combo debuted in 2003 on the Green Book Tour, showing how popular Mostasteless still is. At the 2004 Gathering, the NEXT Silver version came out. These newer ones do NOT have the Hatchetman dotting the "i" like the originals do, and the Silver is a little more glittery.

  4. Mostasteless Promo  $60+
    Color: Black w/ Red Lettering
    Comments: This is the same as the above shirt, but the "Twiztid" is in red instead of white. Shaggy wore this shirt in the Hokus Pokus Video, if you recall.

  5. Twiztid "Backdrop"  $50+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This shirt was made in very, very limited quantity. So limited, that I know of one or two out there, and it may be a "test pressing," if you will, on a shirt that never got released. Regardless, it has a picture of the OG Twiztid cartoon faces, with Red ovals around them, much like that of the backdrop that Twiztid used when they opened for ICP during the WCFOS Tour.

  6. Twiztid Serial Killaz
    Versions: 1) Long sleeve  $30+
                     2) Short sleeve  $25
                     3) Mono/Madrox  $$+
                     4) "Pink Outline" Prototype  $$+
    Comments: #'s 1 and 2 have Jason and Michael Myers on the front in orange 3-D print. The next version I have only seen once, at the Gathering 2002. It has nothing on the back, and the guy said he bought it at Hot Hits back in the day, and will never sell it. Why put it here if it has nothing on the back, you ask? Why not, I reply! The last one was sold on ebay by Mike Clark as a prototype, so.. who knows. It has a blank back for those keeping score at home.There is also rumored to be a Green Picture of Madrox/Mono with the "Twiztid Serial Killers" on the back, but who knows..

  7. Serial Killaz - Twiztid Logo  $50+
    Colors: Black w/ Red, Green, and Blue
    Comments: These are similar to the ones above, but as you can see, the front has the Twiztid logo on it. Note that both sides of these shirts glow in the dark for that extra spooky factor. These are pretty rare, and usually pretty sought after among collectors. The Blue one is the hardest to find by far, thus the value is a little higher. There is also a theory that the Blue's all have blank backs, and not the logo the others do.

  8. Cartoon Faces  $30+
    Versions: 1) Monoxide
                     2) Madrox
    Comments: These were sold at in-stores, shows, conventions, etc. They have become sought-after over time, and they command a little more money than others of the era.

  9. Mostasteless Album Cover  $20
    Color: Black
    Comments: This shirt has the cover of the Rereleased Mostasteless on the front, and "Mostasteless" on the back in blue.

  10. Skulls/Axes  $20
    Color: Black
    Comments: This shirt... has skulls and an axe on the front, and "Mostasteless" on the back. Not much is known about this... like, what the hell is it supposed to be, or who sports it? This was found at Hot Topic and stores like that.

  11. Black Magic
    Versions: 1) Masters of the Black Magic  $20
                     2) Madrox Monster  $20+
                     3) Smoking Monoxide  $20+
    Comments: The last two shirts were at first sold at The Gathering 2000, but have since found their way out on tours, instores, etc. The first can be found at any mall store. Recently, the #1 has been sold without the "Masters" text on the front, as seen here. I believe ones WITH the text are the first run, while the others are "reprints." But, both are pretty much equal in rarity and demand to have both is low among collectors.

  12. Cryptic Collection  $25+
    Versions: 1) Twiztid Cover
                     2) Serial Killers Cover
    Comments: These shirts were dropped at The Gathering 2000, and started to become a little more popular as time went on. Maybe not Mall Shirts spread out, but enough to where they are not extremely rare.

  13. Rock the Dead Tour   $30+
    Color: Black
    Comments: These were sold during Twiztid's very first tour. This is great to have to represent Twiztid and their tour.

  14. Freek Show  $20+
    Versions: 1) FS Album Cover
                     2) Angel
                     3) Jamie/Monoxide Picture
    Comments: These shirts were dropped when the highly-anticipated Freek Show hit stores. The first two have "Twiztid" across the top of the back, while the third one has a Hatchetman with "The Label the Runs Beneath the Streets" below it. All 3 have popped up in malls and other unrare places.

  15. Freek Show Tour
    Versions: 1) First Leg (2000)  $30+
                     2) Second Leg (Early 2001)  $30+
                     3) Second Leg (2001)  $25+
                     4) Mastamind Freekshow Tour  $25+
                     5) Lavel Freekshow Tour  $20+
                     6) Last Leg Freekshow Tour  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: These were sold during Twiztid's Freek Show tour. As that tour has just started, rarity/value is hard to judge. The First Leg only had a handful of dates, that occurred during December of 2000. The second version was sold through the rest of the dates, but ends with the last January Date. The 3rd one runs a handful of dates into February, up to the Cincy Show. If there is a shirt that goes through the end of that leg @ Royal Oak, I do not know. But that 3rd one is now being sold on the Web Store. As for the others, Lavel's Shirt has the Freekshow dates on the back, with his CD cover on the front; same with Mastamind's shirt. Lavel's you can find online. But the Mastamind one, I am not sure how easily attainable it is. They aren't "Twiztid" shirts, but these two guys did open the FreekShow tour, so you can still represent with 'em. The Last Leg starts their dates with the 6/14/2001 show and ends on 7/3/2001 in Pittsburgh.

  16. We Don't Die  $25+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This shirt debuted on the second leg of the Freek Show tour. It has a picture of Jamie and Monoxide on the front, cut out into the letters "Twiztid We Don't Die." just like the Promo CD if you have seen that. And the back just says Twiztid Freek Show.

  17. Twiztid Work Shirt  $40+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This is a collared shirt, made by Dickies, and it has "Twiztid" one one breast and the new Faces Logo on the other, both in white. These were sold towards the end of the Freek Show Tour, and on the Web Store.

  18. Freek Show Muthafacko  $25+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This shirt is sold on the Web Store I believe, as well as other places around. I think this was a point where so many shirts are all coming out at once, that this shirt got lost in the shuffle, and not many people have/want it. Less is more, Psychopathic.

  19. Twiztid Bagz  $25+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This debuted on the Freek Show Tour. It has the pic above, with Madrox and Monoxide smoking, with the chorus to the song Bagz on the back.

  20. Twiztid Two Angels
    Versions: 1) Red 2 Angels  $20+
                     2) Black 2 Angels  $20+
    Comments: This shirt also debuted on the last leg of the FreekShow Tour, and then the Web Store. It has the full body Angel Pics of Madrox and Monoxide on the front, with the track listing to Freek Show on the back, backwards. The Black version came out on the Hatchet Rising Tour, and can also made its way to the Web Store.

  21. Twiztid's Batman and Robin
    Versions: 1) OG Twiztid Batman  $35+
                     2) "Fuckin Hoes" Batman  $25+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This shirt debuted at the Gathering 2001, and was just about as popular as the poster. It features Madrox and Monoxide on the front as Batman and Robin, and has a sweet Twiztid/Batman logo on the back. So far, this has only been sold at the Gathering. However, the next version was sold on the Hatchet Rising Tour at most of the shows.

  22. Twiztid Pendulum  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: These were sold first at the Gathering 2001, and they portray Twiztid in the Pendulum comic books. There is also an ICP and a Ringmaster shirt from the same series. These were also sold on the Web Store.

  23. Freek Show "Fire"  $20+
    Versions: 1) Madrox
                     2) Monoxide
    Color: Black
    Comments: This was released on the Psychopathic Web Store, as well as at the ATL Dragon Con.

  24. Twiztid's Hatchet Rising Tour  $30+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This shirt was sold along with the regular Hatchet Rising Tour shirts. They were also later sold at Hot Hits, and I believe on the Psy. Web Store.

  25. Maniac Killa"  $20+
    Versions: 1) Maniac Killa
                     2) 2007 Reprint
    Comments: The original was sold on the Hatchet Rising Tour in 2001 and since then have become pretty rare. In June 2007 Hatchetgear.com reprinted it but with obvious differences. You can tell the difference between an OG and the reprint by the drastically altered back so don't be fooled!

  26. Twiztid's Hallowicked 2001  $35+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This is Twiztid's first exclusive Hallowicked shirt, and proved to be pretty popular among the Serial Killin Juggalos. No reprints or reiussues have helped maintain its rarity and value.

  27. Twiztid "Evil Santa"  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Again with firsts for Twiztid, this is their first Xmas shirt. It dropped on the web store right after their Jerseys.

  28. Mirror Mirror Tour
    Versions: 1) First Leg (3/8-4/21)  $25+
                     2) Second Leg (3/8-6/30)  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: These shirts, obviously, were sold on Twiztid's Mirror Mirror Tour. I believe that is all the versions, but if you know differently, let us know.

  29. Through Your Eyes  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This shirt was sold on the Mirror Mirror Tour. If the pic is unclear, it says "Through Your Eyes" on the front and "You Think We're All the Same" on the back like the song.

  30. Any Worse  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Again, another new shirt available on Twiztid's Mirror Mirror tour.

  31. "Up Close" Picture
    Versions: 1) "Twiztid" Back  $20+
                     2) "Mirror Mirror" Back  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: The first shirt debuted within the first week of the Mirror Mirror Tour, and was probably the most popular one on tour behind the Tour Shirt itself. The second version, which has Mirror Mirror on the back, debuted later at Hot Topic.

  32. Twiztid M/M Solo Shirts  $20+
    Versions: 1) Fat Kid Madrox
                     2) Pot Tokin Monoxide
    Color: Black
    Comments: These shirts debuted on the Mirror Mirror tour. They seem to be pretty popular among the Twiztid fans.

  33. "Mirror Mirror"  $20+
    Versions: 1) MM w/ tracks
                     2) Mirror Mirror
    Comments: This first shirt became available midway through the Mirror Mirror Tour, and has the cd cover on the front, and the track listing on the back. Now, fast forward to the Gathering of the Juggalos 2004, and the second shirt comes out. Kinda weird that it took that long, unless it was sold before, and I never saw it. Regardless, here it is.

  34. "Dont Get High"  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This became available at the end of the Mirror Mirror Tour, and has the chance of becoming a pretty popular shirt if they mass market it.

  35. Twiztid A-Shirt/Wifebeater  $25+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Odd item here indeed. We got an email about it, and he got it on June 16, 2002, at the Baltimore show. However, they were not at other shows he was at. They must have not made very many for.. you don't really ever hear about this shirt. We've also been told that they were sold in limited numbers at the 2002 Gathering.

  36. Twiztid/Blaze/ABK Mirror Mirror  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This shirt was sold at the Gathering 2002 and it says "Mirror Mirror Tour 2002" on the back. I don't think these were sold on the MM Tour, although.. I don't see why they weren't. They also popped up on the Web Store in May of 2003 for no reason whatsoever.

  37. Mostasteless 2002/Hoods  $30+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Kickin it old school, this shirt was released at the Gathering 2002, and was not released anywhere else to my knowledge.

  38. Twiztid Gathering 2002 Collage  $25+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This Collage shirt debuted at the Gathering 2002, as it shows the many faces of Twiztid. Some sweet Trading Site talked about this months before it came out. Damn that site is always on top of things

  39. Twiztid Samhein Witch Killaz  $25+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Well now... this Twiztid shirt debuted on the Web Store in late August 2002, after it was originally supposed to be at the Gathering. It featured what appeared to be the old school HOK Pumpkins, as everyone assumed SWK would be a new spin on HOK.

  40. Twiztid Hallowicked 2002
    Versions: 1) Green Pumpkins  $25+
                     2) Madrox Jackolantern  $25+
                     3) Monoxide Jackolantern  $25+
    Color: Black
    Comments: These shirts were sold both nights at Hallowicked 2002. They sold pretty well, and eBay ate them up soon after. Rarity and value has since stabilized, but these are still fairly sought after, as most Twiztid shirts from this era are.

  41. Twiztid Tour 2003  $25+
    Color: Black
    Comments: First shirt of the '03 for Twiztid, and it's a tour shirt. I have been told that they were sold for 25 bucks and are "limited editon." So we shall see what goes down with them.

  42. Twiztid Silver Hatchemen  $25+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This shirt also debuted on the tour with Bone. Weird design, and we haven't run into any great pictures. Basically, it has 6 silver Hatchemen on the front, with "Twiztid" witten above and below it, with the bottom one being a mirror image of the first. The back has "Twiztid" written diagonally. Very weird indeed. Also of note, this shirt Glows in the Dark, and at the shows, there was a sign saying this shirt would ONLY be available on tour. And so far, this is true.

  43. Twiztid Curlicue Logo  $20+
    Color: Black w/ Green
    Comments: Yup, another new shirt of early 2003. This simply has "Twiztid" in green letters on the front, with a green Hatchetman in a circle on the back. Soon after the tour, this shirt popped up on the Web Store.

  44. Twiztid Embroidered Curlicue  $30+
    Color: Grey
    Comments: This shirt also debuted on the Twiztid/Bone Tour, then made its way to the Web Store. We've also been notified of another color of logo, so be on the lookout for both.

  45. Twiztid 2003 Solo Shirts  $20+
    Versions: 1) Multiple Man Madrox
                     2) Chain Smoker Monoxide
    Color: Black
    Comments: So many Twiztid Solo shirts; so few names to tack onto them. These shirts debuted in mid-March of 2003 on the Web Store.

  46. Green Book  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This shirt popped up on the Web Store right after the solo shirts above. It is the first, I assume, of many shirts for the Green Book era. If you cannot read, the back says, "The Prophecies Will Unfold and be Explained In the Green Book." Yup.

  47. Majik Records  $25+
    Versions: 1) Black Majik
                     2) Grey Majik
    Comments: Twiztid started up Majik Records in May of 2003 to promote their Samhein Witch Killaz project, so we had assumed, and with it came the webstore with new merch, like this. Well, you probably have your own opinions on what happened to Majik, what it was really meant to do, etc., but hey... live and learn.

  48. Samhein Witch Killaz "Face"  $25+
    Color: Black
    Comments: The Majik Records Web Store pumped this out in May of 2003 as one of their first pieces of merch. We shall see where they go from here.

  49. "Colorz of Green"  $20+
    Color: White
    Comments: This shirt debuted on the Web Store in May of 2003, and as you may be able to figure out, it is promoting the Green Book album by Twiztid.

  50. Twiztid 2003 "Retro Quotes"  $20+
    Versions: 1) "Fat Kids Are So Sexy"
                     2) "Murder Murder Murder"
    Comments: The first shirt came out on the Web Store in early-May of 2003, and the second soon followed. The Madrox quote is from "Spin the Bottle," while Monoxide's is from "Murder Murder Murder."

  51. Green Life Forces Energies  $20+
    Color: Grey
    Comments: This shirt was meant to debut on the Month of Mayhem, but instead got released on the Web Store in May of 2003. We shall see how much stuff with this GLFE gimmick appears.

  52. Green Book is Coming  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: The Green Book is coming... at least that is what the shirt tells me. Anyways, like all of the GB merch to date, this came to be on the Web Store in May of 2003.

  53. Month of Mayhem Tour  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Well, here is one shirt that we won't have to worry about having more legs added to the dates. The tour was cancelled before it even started, and in early June of 2003, these shirts popped up on the Web Store. Hey, they may have spelled "Cancelled" wrong, but hey.. not everyone is perfect.

  54. Samhein Witch Killaz Ceremony  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This shirt debuted in early June on the Majik Records web store.

  55. Samhein Witch Killaz Logo
    Versions: 1) Orange  $30+
                     2) Black  $20+
    Comments: This shirt originally came out in early June on the Majik Records web store. Fast forward to January of 2004, and the Black version popped up on TwiztidShop.com. Notie the differences in each color, like the writing on the back, and the "Majik" on the sleeve.

  56. "Tear Drop Faces"  $20+
    Versions: 1) "Outline" Back
                     2) "Filled In" Back
    Comments: The first version of this shirt was with the Twiztid logo on the back in just the green outline. These were sold at the two Detroit Twiztid Instores during the summer of 2003. Around the same time, the version with the Hatchetman on the back hit Hot Topic. When TwiztidShop.com opened, these were available, and they are/were the ones with just the outline. Perhaps when these sell out, they will go to the other version.

  57. Green Book "Guts" Logo  $20+
    Versions: 1) Guts Logo V.1
                     2) Guts Logo V.2
                     3) Green Guts Logo
                     4) Blue/Orange Guts Logo
    Comments: As you will notice, the front is the "Guts" logo, while the back has the track listing for The Green Book. Now, it was the first version that was available at the Instore, but when TwiztidShop.com opened, it had both versions. As you will notice, they are basically the same, excapt the back design is slighty different. On the Green Book Tour, the Green version of this shirt came out, and the Blue/Orange color combo came out at the Gathering 2004.

  58. Serial Killaz 2003
    Versions: 1) SK "Green"  $20+
                     2) SK "Orange"  $20+
    Comments: This is a remake of one of the first Twiztidshirts ever produced. The first version with the Green glow was sold at the In-stores in Detroit just prior to The Green Book's release, and then on TwiztidShop.com. In October of 2003, the Orange version popped up, for a Halloween gimmick.

  59. Batman Super Killaz  $20+
    Color: Grey
    Comments: Twiztid has been using this logo for long enough, so it's about time it ends up on a shirt. This debuted at the Gathering 2003, and it sold out pretty quickly, if memory recalls.

  60. Mostasteless Fetus  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Nothing like busting out a shirt for a CD that came out ages ago. Regardless, this shirt has the Fetus Cover of Mostasteless on the front with the track listing on the back, and it also debuted at the Gathering 2003.

  61. TwiztidShop.com  $20+
    Color: White
    Comments: When TwiztidShop.com in mid-August of 2003, they ran a special where the first 1000 orders of $50 or more got this limited edition shirt. Time will tell how rare and/or sought after these become.

  62. White Trash Wit Tat2's  $20+
    Color: Red
    Comments: This Monoxide-based shirt debuted on the launch of TwiztidShop.com. It looks orange to me, but the web site says it's red.

  63. Afraid Of Me  $20+
    Versions: 1) Blue Madrox
                     2) Blue Monoxide
                     2) Black Madrox
    Comments: Twiztid always seems to have a lot of "song-based" shirts, and this is no different. The Madrox version of this blue shirt debuted on TwiztidShop.com when it first launched, with lyrics from Afraid of Me on the back. Fast forward to May of 2004, and the same shirt became available, but with Monoxide's eyes behind the logo. Creepy! Now it's the Gathering 2004, and we have the Black version of Mr Madrox. Maybe we'll get the Black Mono at Hallowicked 2006, with the way they redo old shirts.

  64. Green Book "Standing Pose"  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Like the title says, this shirt features Twiztid in a standing pose on the front, with "Twiztid" across the back. Like many of these shirts, this debuted with the start of TwiztidShop.com.

  65. Twiztid Logo - Ringer Style  $20+
    Color: White
    Comments: I am sure all of you know this... but "ringer" shirts are the ones with the colored collar and ends of the sleeves. I think this is the first Psychopathic-related ringer-style shirt. If you are new to the style, trust me.. it's really for skinny people and/or tighter fits. If you wear your shirts real big, this may look ridiculous on you. I know I am not always a fan of them on myself. Regardless, it has a picture of Twiztid with the new logo over top of it, and nothing on the back.

  66. Wig Splitter  $20+
    Color: Black w/ Red
    Comments: With all the new styles of shirts, they had to throw in the wife beater. This black shirt has "Wig Splitter" on the front, and "Twiztid" on the back. And please, if you have any doubts, thinking you are too large to pull off the Beater look, you're right. Buy another shirt, please, for everyone's sake.

  67. America'z Nightmare  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Amongst all of the new shirts on TwiztidShop.com, we get a new mall shirt. Yup, this shirt debuted at Hot Topic in mid-August 2003, so everyone has a chance at owning it.

  68. Green Book Tour  $20+
    Versions: 1) Yellow GB Tour: 1st Leg
                     2) Yellow GB Tour: Up To Dec 12th
                     3) Red GB Tour: Chapter 2
    Comments: The Green Book was Twiztid's highly anticipated release, and with it came a tour that kicked off in August of 2003. Oh, and with a tour comes a shirt. The yellow shirt was from the first leg of the tour, which went until Sept/Oct I believe. The Red shirt then picks up from Halloween, to the end of the tour. Smacked in the middle is the yellow version, with dates through the second leg. Crazy, I know.

  69. "Old School" Detroit 1998  $20+
    Color: White
    Comments: This shirt was for sale during the Green Book Tour. We have also heard that there is a Black version of this shirt, and a smiliar shirt, yet with a different picture and 1996 on the back. However, we have not gotten pictures of either, so it's hard to say.

  70. Green Book "Circle" Logo  $20+
    Color: White
    Comments: Another shirt from the Green Book Tour. The front sports the Green Book Logo in a circle, while the back has a picture from the Green Book booklet, with Mono and Madrox coming out of the book.

  71. Green Book Cover  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Once again, another shirt from the Green Book Tour. On the front we see the paintless faces of Mono and Madrox, from the cover of the Green Book. On the back is the Green Book/Twiztid.com circle logo that has appeared on some other shirts.

  72. Twiztid "Family"  $20+
    Color: Blue
    Comments: Gotta love how Twiztid has all of these non-black shirts. Anyways, this shirt has the new logo on the front, the "Guts" Logo if you will, and "Family" on the back in dripping letters.

  73. Purple Show  $20+
    Color: Purple
    Comments: The Purple Show is indeed 100% Twiztid... as this shirt tells you! It debuted on the Green Book Tour, and if you enjoyed the DVD, I am sure you wil enjoy the shirt.

  74. HOK "Home Sweet Home"  $20+
    Versions: 1) "Full Color" HSH
                     2) "Limited Edition" HSH
    Color: Black
    Comments: With ROC touring with Twiztid on the Green Book Tour, SWK looming, and rumors always swirling, Twiztid released the HOK classic Home Sweet Home on CD in 2003, and also this shirt. Now, later in 2003, TwiztidShop.com had a deal where you got the Shirt and CD for 30 bucks. The bag came sealed with a sticker, but in some of them, the shirt was different, as you can see. Hard to say which one, if any, will be come more sought after in the future.

  75. Twiztid Autographs  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: The second wave of new merch hit TwiztidShop.com during the Green Book Tour, and out came this shirt. It sports one of the new logos along with a picture on the front, and Mono and Madrox's autographs on the back, much like the similar ICP shirt.

  76. Mostasteless Hoods  $20+
    Colors: Black; Green
    Comments: More shirts debuting on TwiztidShop.com in the month of August. This one is the first shirt to sport the "Hoods" logo, while is has the classic Mostasteless logo on the back. In 2004, a similar shirt popped up, this time in Green, and with the Hatchetman back.

  77. TSK: Twiztid Serial Killaz  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This shirt debuted on TwiztidShop.com in mid-September of 2003. It is quite the interesting take on the long-standing gimmick of serial killers.

  78. "Cartoon Solos" 2003
    Versions: 1) Mono "White Trash  $20+
                     2) Madrox "Fat Kidz"  $20+
    Comments: These shirts hit TwiztidShop.com in October of 2003. I guess a fan from Alabama with some graphic skills hooked up these pictures, and they were used on shirts. Not a bad idea, actually. Contests like this would be instant hits. Later on, there was another version of the Madrox shirt sold at Hot Topic. It said "Twiztid" on the front instead of "Fat Kidz," and was called the "Burger Eating Masked Man" shirt, which I find to be a sweet fucking name. I also believe they came with both the normal back and a blank back, with no real difference in rarity or value.

  79. The World Is Hell  $20+
    Color: Grey
    Comments: This shirt debuted on TwiztidShop.com in mid-October of 2003. Twiztid is known for having a lot of shirts from songs, and this one... no different, as you can find The World Is Hell on The Green Book album.

  80. Halloween 2003
    Versions: 1) Happy Halloween  $20+
                     2) Twiztid Faces  $20+
    Comments: Halloween brings about a flurry of new items from Psychopathic, and 2003 is not to be outdone. These shirts came out on TwiztidShop.com a few weeks before Halloween.

  81. Fright Fest 2003
    Versions: 1) FrightFest Shirt  $20+
                     2) FrightFest Box Shirt  $30+
    Comments: 2003 brought us the first Fright Fest from Twiztid, and with it comes new merch. First, we have the baby blue shirt, which was sold to everyone and says "Denver 2003" on the back. The second one, with the Frankenstein Cartoon, came in the Box Set given away to everyone, has nothing on the back, and was only made in XL. Value on these are tough at first, because people don't often like to break up their boxes.

  82. Fright Fest: Mostasteless  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Hopefully this shirt pops up on TShop.com, so we know a good name for it, alas I think it's an exclusive. Regardless, it was sold at the Fright Fest in Denver, and it features the old Mostasteless hoods logo, but with Madrox and Monoxide having some fangs, nails, etc in a "Halloween" theme. It also has "Twiztid" across the back.

  83. Twiztid Frankenstein/Lightning  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Another Fright Fest shirt, that could possibly be a Denver exclusive. We see the outline of the Frankenstein logo on the front, with "Twiztid" on the back, both engulfed with the lightning. I am also told that this glows in the dark. Nifty.

  84. Serial Killers "Chopper" Logo  $20+
    Colors: Black; Red
    Comments: I am sure you all know what the "West Coast Choppers" deal is, and this is the same gimmick, except id says "Twiztid" and "Serial Killa," with a small cross on the upper back. This debuted on the second leg of the Green Book tour. In the '04, the Red version popped up, and Twiztid fans rejoiced.

  85. Serial Killin Juggalette  $20+
    Color: Purple
    Comments: This shirt also debuted late on the Green Book Tour, I do believe. As you can see, it's for the Serial Killin Juggalette in your family. This didn't pop up elsewhere, so it's kidns scarce, but I am not sure on the demand of such an item, as usually girl-oriented shirts do not create a great demand.

  86. Twiztid "Ugly"  $20+
    Color: Red
    Comments: And I thought we were bad at naming some of the merch. This shirt was dubbed "The Ugly Shirt" by TwiztidShop.com, where it was first released in November of 2003. I know everyone is awaiting a whole line of Ugly Merch! Actually, after a little bit, they changed the name of this shirt on the web store, but I forget what it was changed to. I guess "Ugly" isn't the best name for some merch.

  87. Many Faces of Twiztid  $30+
    Versions: 1) Blue Faces/Letters
                     2) Red Faces/Letters
    Comments: This long sleeve shirt came onto TwiztidShop.com in mid-November of 2003. It bares the same name as the Poster that has all the aliases of Twiztid.. but uh, unless I am blind, I don't see why they named this shirt what they did. Oh well, not everything can make sense. Notice the "TWIZTID" lettering runs down both sleeves. In mid-December of the same year, the Red version popped up, also on TShop.com.

  88. "The Matrix"  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: The Matrix is a popular little trilogy of movies, as you probably know. With this shirt that debuted on TwiztidShop.com in November of 2003, they are capitalizing on the trend. Remember, there is no spoon.

  89. Yuletide Terror  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: What is the holiday season without Twiztid doing a shirt? This came to us during the second chapter of the Green Book Tour. It has Santa amd a little girl on the front, covered in blood, and "Yuletide Terror" on the back.

  90. SWK: Green Glow Logo  $25+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This long sleeved shirt debuted on TwiztidShop.com in January of 2004. The graphic on the front glows in the dark, and I don't believe anything is on the back.

  91. Buy It By The Bag  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Ah yes, nothing like the new Weed shirt from your main men Twiztid. This shirt debuted on TwiztidShop.com in January of 2004. Be sure to wear it when you go pick up your hippie lettuce.

  92. Reunion of the Dead  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This is just getting weird. What happened to nice, normal shirts about the band, or a song, or promoting the CD? Anyways, this shirt came out in January of 2004 on TShop.com. It scares me, frankly.

  93. Screw U  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: January of 2004 on TwiztidShop.com brings us this shirt. It shows Twiztid, with some tools and such. And the "Screw U" on the back is obviously where the name of the shirt comes from.

  94. Scare-Glow  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This new shirt came out in February of the '004. I believe it glows in the dark, as the name says, so that is indeed some good stuff.

  95. Homebound  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: In March of 2004, much like they did for Home Sweet Home, TwiztidShop.com rereleased Homebound on CD, and they had a little package deal for the cd and a shirt. This shirt can't be purchased anywhere but with this combo deal, so one can naturally assume the value will go up.

  96. Twiztid Faces 2004  $20+
    Versions: 1) Madrox 2004
                     2) Monoxide 2004
    Comments: These shirts debuted on TS.com in March of 2004. When in doubt, we get some Faces shirts, which are always good times for all.

  97. Bloody Logo  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Another new logo debuting on TwiztidShop.com in March of 2004. It's called the "bloody logo" because.. uh, because it appears to be bleeding. Yup.

  98. TwiztidShop.com "TSK"  $15+
    Color: Grey
    Comments: TwiztidShop.com promoting itself on its own tshirt. This grey number came out during the boom of merch on May of 2004, and features the -TSK- on the back, for all of the Twiztid Serial Killas.... I think.

  99. Twiztid "Tagg" Logo  $20+
    Color: Green
    Comments: If Twiztid is good at something, it's releasing a lot of shirts that aren't all black. Good to see some colors. This shirt, which came out in May of 2003, featured the "CC3 Tagg" logo, with the matching Hatchetman on the back.

  100. Serial Killaz 2004  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Some things, people just don't let go of. And for Twiztid merch, that seems to be the Mostasteless logo, and the Jason/Myers combo. This shirt came out in May of 2004, with a very familiar design. But where from? Oh yeah, the other shirts that are the EXACT same. The only difference is that we have just the guys on the front, and the Twiztid logo on the back.

  101. R U A Serial Killa?  $20+
    Color: Blue
    Comments: This blue diddy came out in May of 2004, and it asks a very important question on the front. Well.... are you? Anwyays, the CC3 Dragon is on the back in all of it's glory. Jamie Madrox drew that, you know... yup.

  102. CC3 Dragon  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Similar to the one above, this shirt has the Dragon on the front, with some mysterious symbols on the back. What do they mean? Who knows! We should find that out, so you're not like Britney Spears, walking around with stuff on you that you don't know what it means.

  103. Twiztid Shine  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: I dunno why they call this the "Shine" shirt. It looks like they are in jail to me. Anwyays, we have the Dynamic Duo on the front, and the Hatchetman on the back. Pretty simple, yet effective formula for success with the fan base.

  104. CC3: Kimono  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Dragons, symbols... it only come logicial that next we'd have Twiztid dressed in kimonos like some samurais, right? Well lookie here, that's what we have! Craziness.

  105. CC3: Old School  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Everyone wants something old, and something new... so to please them both, we have the CC3 shirt here, with the old school picture of Twiztid. This has the potential to be a fan favorite.

  106. FreekShow Faces  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Again, Twiztid busting out merch for old CDs. Anyways, this shirt came out at the Gathering 2004, then soon after on TwiztidShop.com. For those keeping score at home, that is three and a half years after the CD release. People still love it though, and the shirt was pretty popular.

  107. Looking Glass  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Another weird Twiztid shirt. This one came to us via TwiztidShop.com in August of 2004. Not sure why this didn't get pumped out for The Gathering... we can only guess!

  108. Smokers Only Club  $20+
    Color: Blue
    Comments: August of 2004, TwiztidShop gives all the smokers their own club.. and shirt! Smokers Only! Well, even if you don't, I bet you could still buy the shirt. I won't tell anyone.

  109. Attack of the Samurai  $20+
    Color: Red
    Comments: More Samurai stuff... real weird. Anyhoo, this also came out in August of the 04, on TwiztidShop.com.

  110. Parental Advisory  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Another late August of 2004 diddy here. And agin, we get some old pictures of Twiztid for a new shirt. Ah well, everything old is new again. This shirt is pretty simple, but again.. simple is good.

  111. Showgun Stance  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: I really didn't think you spelled it "showgun," but hey, I only use what Twiztid Shop gives me, and they gave us this shirt in August of 2004. This is more new-style, with the CC3 dragon and logos and such.

  112. Waste Management  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This shirt was first available in early October of 2004 on TwiztidShop.com. As we can see... Twiztid is shown desposing of someone. As the shirt says, it's a sick job, but someone's gotta do it.

  113. Throw It Up  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Easssside! This shirt also came out in early October, 200Fizzle. It features the three-finger salute, not to be confused with the Dudleys' 3D Sign, or Shane Douglas and the Triple Threat.

  114. Happy F'n Halloween  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Another October shirt, and ah yes, it's Halloweeny. Happy Fucking Halloween, indeed.

  115. FrightFest 2004  $20+
    Versions: 1) Twiztid & Blaze
                     2) Pumpkin Puke
    Comments: October is that time of year over on the Twiztid side of Psychopathic where FrightFest is on the minds of most. And with that show, we get merch. These two shirts were sold early, in small quantity, on TwiztidShop.com before the show, and then on HG.com afterwards.

  116. Season of the Pumpkin 2004  $20+
    Color: Orange
    Comments: Another FrightFest, and another performance by the HOK. This year, they had an exclusive shirt for the occasion of the SOTP re-re-re-release. This shirt was only sold at the show, and on TwiztidShop.com for a limited time... until they were sold on HatchetGear.com in mid-November.

  117. Twiztid Pumpkins 2004  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: These were first sold at FrightFest 2004, then the following tour... then HatchetGear.com. So much for "show exclusive" stuff. Anyways, we have the Twiztid Pumpkins on the front, the Twiztid Logo on the back, and what appear to be Mummy and Frankenstein Hatchetmen on each sleeve.

  118. Monoxide's "Nikateen Dream"  $25+
    Color: Blue
    Comments: With the Monoxide Child solo CD upcoming, TwiztidShop started to drop the For Smokers Only merch in early November, 2004. Odd to me, at least, is that the shirt is spelled "NikOteen," when they spell it "NikAteen" everywhere else. Ouch.

  119. Bootleg Banner Tour  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: These were sold, surprise surprise, at the short "Bootleg Banner" Tour of Blaze and Twiztid's, in early November 2004. They then quickly made their way to the Web Store.

  120. Monoxide's "Wigged Out"  $25+
    Color: Powder Blue
    Comments: More Monoxide Merch, but this marks the first items that were post-TwiztidShop, as these went right to HG.com. I'm wiggin' out, man!

  121. Monoxide's "Monoports"  $25+
    Color: Yellow
    Comments: Twiztid usually does good about making non-Black shirts, so hey, let's bust another Yellow out there. This one was available on HatchetGear.com in mid-November.

  122. Monoxide's "Chain Smoker"  $25+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Any more promotion for the Monoxide solo CD, and we're gonna need another section. Anyways, there was already a shirt called the "Monoxide Chain Smoker," so if you get confused, this is the one with the Smokers Only patch on the bottom, as all of this solo merch has.

  123. Merry Axe-mas 2004  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: You didn't think you'd sneak out of 2004 without some.. Axe-mas merch, did you? You almost got away, but they got you.. with this nifty shirt! Nothing says "Axe-mas" like... uh, you will with this under your tree.

  124. Spike Logo
    Versions: 1) Spike Logo  $20+
                     2) Embroidered Spike Logo  $25+
    Comments: Oh, Twiztid and their new logos. This embroidered shirt debuted on HG.com in April of 2005, and the regular version followed in May.

  125. Mystery Show - April 27, 2005  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: No one is exactly sure why this was the 'Mystery Show"... perhaps that is the mystery in itself! Anyways, this was a one-shot deal for Twiztid in Cleveland, and they sold this shirt. And then it was on HG, and all rarity was lost.

  126. Twiztid Spike Logo  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: The "Spike Logo" is their new deal, so we'll roll with it.... although I have NO idea what to call this shirt. Let us hope that it comes up on the Web Store sometime soon, as it has only been available thus far at their Cleveland show.

  127. Green Book Picture  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Debuting in late May 2005, it looks like they are squeezing the last drops from the Green Book. Although they still put out Mostasteless merch, so who knows.

  128. Man's Myth Cover  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: As so the new era begins for Twiztid, with the Man's Myth shirt. This shirt debuted in early June of 2005, and it has the CD cover on front with the tracks on the back. If history repeats, we'll have a similar shirt with no track listing coming out sometime soon.

  129. Man's Myth Picture  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: New era, new CD, new face paint for Twiztid, and this shirt represents that.

  130. Dark Angel  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Another June 2005 release, and this one portrays the Dark Angel. No, not the Jessica Alba show, but an eerie image.

  131. Fractal Heads  $20+
    Color: White
    Comments: Trippy. This shirt has a block-style Twiztid logo, along with a kaleidoscope effect of Twiztid's faces.

  132. Parental Advisory  $20+
    Colors: Red; Blue
    Comments: This is a simple concept, one they actually did before. But this shows their new look, along with the new Spike logo on the back. The Red came out in June of 05, while the Blue came at the GOTJ that year

  133. Demented Duo  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Ah, mid-June of 2005. It was a grand time... one where we got some new Twiztid stuff on HG.com. This one shows the duo as... the Demented Duo. Eastside.

  134. Sun  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: It got hot in June, 2005... so hot that Twiztid puts out a shirt where it looks like they are right on the sun.

  135. Bats Eyes  $20+
    Colors: Black; Blue
    Comments: The first version of this shirt came out in June of 2005, I believe, while the Blue one followed up in the last days of October 2005. Not the exact same shirt, but they gave it the same name.

  136. Mutant Faces  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Man's Myth finally drops, and in July of 2005, we get this Mutant Face shirt. It's got their faces.. in mutant form?

  137. Mutant Picture  $20+
    Color: Red
    Comments: This red diddy also came out in July of 2005 on HG.com. It's got Twiztid in with their deformed faces, and a new logo on the back. I love new logos.

  138. Man's Myth Tour  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Twiztid kicked off their new tour in August of 2005, and of course there are shirts to be sold. Here is the 'group' shirt, and there are two solo shirts as well. Those will be posted as info and pictures become available.

  139. Story of Our Lives  $25+
    Color: White
    Comments: Story of Our Lives was the first single off of Twiztid's latest CDs, and it is also the name of this shirt, which so far has been exclusive to the Man's Myth Tour. It features a number of backstage passes on the front, which is a cool little collage, if I do say so myself.

  140. Twiztid Collage 2006  $20+
    Versions: 1) Madrox 2006
                     2) Monoxide 2006
    Comments: These shirts debuted on on the Mans Myth Tour, in both Madrox and Monoxide forms. Like the Story of Our Lives shirt, this appears to be a Tour Exclusive.

  141. "Interference Logo" Work Shirt  $60+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This work shirt came out in October of 2005 on HatchetGear.com. I guess that is the "Interference" logo now, as opposed to the M3 logo. Who knows. So many logos.

  142. FrightFest 2005  $25+
    Versions: 1) Skull Logo
                     2) Pumpkin Logo
                     3) Poster Logo
    Comments: Another FrightFest, and we have some more shirts. We have a Skull logo, which was also on a hoodie, a Pumpkin logo, and a "Poster" logo, which I assume was going to be what the poster for the show looked like, but they had printing problems and they were not available for the show.

  143. Twiztid "Eyeball" Solo Shirts  $20+
    Versions: 1) Madrox
                     2) Monoxide
    Comments: In addition to the normal show shirts, FrightFest brought us these solo shirts. Show exclusive? For a few weeks, until they were on HatchetGear.com.

  144. Twiztid "Eyeball"  $20+
    Styles: Black; Red; Work Shirt; Grey
    Comments: This black shirt became available through Hot Topic, promotiong the double CDs from Twiztid in the year 2005. In April of 2006, the Red shirt debuted on HatchetGear.com, along with the Work shirt.. which I should have made its own deal, but I am lazy. The Grey one came out in December of 2006.

  145. Twiztid Christmas 2005  $20+
    Versions: 1) Mad Claus
                     2) Mono Claus
    Comments: November 2005, almost the holiday season, and we get some Twiztid holiday cheer in the form of two shirts. Jamie Madrox and the Monoxide Child are dressed up like Santa, and they are ready for you to buy their merch.

  146. "Many Faces" LS Hooded  $30+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This work shirt came out in December of 2005. There are already Twiztid shirts named "Many Faces," so keep an eye on that. Anyways, this is a long-sleeve, hooded shirt, not a hoodie... thus the 30 dollar price tag.

  147. Mystery Show (3/24/2006)  $25+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This shirt was sold at the Mystery Show in Lansing, Michigan, in March of 2006. Perhaps these will pop up on the Web Store eventually, but for right now, this was the only place to purchase them.

  148. Phatso Crew  $30
    Color: Black
    Comments: These were worn by the crew at Twiztid's Mystery Show in Lansing, Michigan on March 24, 2006. Promoting Madrox's upcoming solo project "Phatso", these like many crew items eventually got out to the public.

  149. "New" Guts Logo (2006)  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Ok, they always reuse logos, but don't just call it the "New" Guts logo, like it is new. Anyways, this came out in April of 2006 on HG.com, and hey, it has the Eyeball gimmick on the back. Now that's new!

  150. Twiztid Straight Jacket  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This shirt debuted on the Web Store in April of 2006. It has a blank back, and a graphic of a straight jacket on the front. Crazy!... get it?

  151. Madrox "Skinny Bitch"  $20+
    Colors: Black; Yellow; Red; Black
    Comments: This first shirt came out in May of 2006... I think. I'm not really sure if this is the order all of the Madrox solo shirts came out in, but I'm going with it. This one is simple and plain, like a cheeseburger with no cheese. The yellow one, with basically the same gimmick, came out at the Guillotine Tour... I think. This one has yet to hit the Web Store, so it is probably worth slightly more than the others. Speaking of, the Red and Black gimmicks hit HG.com in December of 2006

  152. Madrox "Phatso Cover"  $25+
    Color: Black
    Comments: The classic "Album Cover" shirt didn't get away from Mr Madrox, although there isn't a track listing on the back like most do. Regardless, this came out in May 2006 to promte the solo CD.

  153. Madrox "Batmad"  $20+
    Color: White
    Comments: Batmad, eh? Shouldn't that be... Batrox? Or something else that makes equally no sense. Anyways, it's a crazy little Batman-like drawing that the kids will love.

  154. Madrox "Drawing"  $20+
    Color: Orange
    Comments: Texas wins the National Championship, so we jump on the bandwagon with the Burnt Orange shirt. It's named "Drawing" as you can see because... it's a drawing of a creepy little man. Creepy!

  155. Twiztid "Darkface"  $20+
    Versions: 1) Green Madrox
                     2) Red Monoxide
    Comments: These shirts debuted on The Guillotine Tour of 2006. Now, there is the Green Madrox face, and a Red Mono one. I've heard there are two colors for each person, but I have yet to see that. We call that "speculation" in the business.

  156. Twiztid "Photo"  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This shirt debuted at Hot Topic in the summer of 2006. HT isn't great at naming their merch, as you can see. Regardless, here it is.

  157. Madrox "Turntables"  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This shirt came out at the Gathering 2006, and it featured Jamie Madrox of Twiztid. As you can see, we have the mic on the front and the turntable on the back for the little musical gimmick. This isn't exactly a "Phatso" shirt, but there isn't a matching Mono one as of yet.

  158. Madrox "Juggalo Content"  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This shirt was sold at the 2006 Gathering but it may have been sold earlier. It features a Phatso logo and a Juggafied version of the Parental Advisory logo on the back.

  159. Serial Killaz 2006  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: If Twiztid redid any one gimmick over and over... it's the Serial Killaz deal. Here we have the newest one with Jason and Michael Myers on the front, with the Twiztid logo on the back. I know they had these at the Gathering 2006, but I am unsure if they debuted there or the Twiztid tour.

  160. Twiztid Explosion  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This shirt debuted during the revamp of HatchetGear.com in September of 2006. I'm not sure where the explosion is on the "Explosion Shirt," but I'll roll with it if you will.

  161. Twiztid "Psy Times"  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This shirt debuted in December of 2006 on HatchetGear.com. I assume it is a takeoff on High Times, whose work I am sure you are familiar with.

  162. Twiztid "Haze"  $20+
    Color: Purple
    Comments: Another weed-related shirt from Twiztid in December of 2006. Simple colors, simple design.

  163. Twiztid "Tattoo"  $20+
    Versions: 1) Madrox
                     2) Monoxide
    Comments: These shirts came out in December 2006 on the web store. I don't think they actually have these tattoos... it's just a way to describe the graphic. I think. Who knows.

  164. Twiztid Foil Shirts 2006  $35+
    Versions: 1) Freek Show Faces
                     2) Batman
    Comments: There were some ICP Foil shirts earlier, and Twiztid comes through with theirs in December of 2006. We have the green Freek Show faces and the Blue Batman logo. They both have Hatchetmen on the back, also in foil.. I assume.

  165. Double Twiztid Eyeball  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: These were sold in music stores and such in 2006 promoting the MMM era of Twiztid.

  166. Twiztid "Nosferatu"  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Nosferatu is more than a vampire... so I have heard. This shirt was on The Guillotine Tour and came out on Hatchetgear in December of 2006.

  167. Twiztid "Serial Killaz Pus/Blood"  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: These were given out with some Hatchet Gear orders in November/December and this is the only one I've seen. I'm assuming it's a promo or something but if you know what it is let us know.

  168. Twiztid "Corona"  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This shirt debuted in February of 2007 on HG.com. It's called the "Corona" design because...

  169. "Rollin Wit the Killaz"  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Rolling with the killers. That's what Twiztid is doing on this shirt, which also debuted in Feb. of 2007 via the Internet.

  170. Twiztid "Hands"  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Hands. The names gets easier and easier to remember. Simple shirt design, with Twiztid showing us their hands.

  171. Twiztid "Puppet Strings"  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Debuting on The Tempest Tour, this shirt has a cartoon version of Twiztid on the front with "I'm Not A Puppet So Don't Pull My Strings" on the back. For the past 5 years that line has always thought to have been a diss to Psychopathic but now it has it's own shirt!

  172. Twiztid "Killa Angels"  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This new Twiztid shirt debuted on The 2007 Tempest Tour. The front has Twiztid infront of a pair of angel wings and a new logo while the back has a hatchetman with a pair of angel wings. This shirt reminds me of the "Dark Angel" shirt they released a while ago (#130 on the list).

  173. Twiztid "K-I-Double-L-A"  $20+
    Color: Red
    Comments: Another new Tempest Tour debut. The front has a sketch drawing of Madrox and Monoxide while the back has a quote from Freekshows "Maniac Killa" and a hatchetman.

  174. Twiztid Solo Obsessions  $20+
    Versions:1) Madrox Comic
                    2) Monoxide Flavor
    Comments: Madrox has a unhealthy obsession with comic books while Monoxide is slowly killing himself with nicotine, and thats the way they like it and to represent both of there obsessions these shirts were sold to you on The Tempest Tour, and so far no where else. Got better pics? hit us up.

  175. Ouija  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This was sold on The Tempest Tour and so far no where else. Not much is know besides that theres a big graphic of a Oujia board on the front. If you have more info or better pics hit us up.

  176. Sumthin'  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This shirt is sumthin' for real. This was sold on the Tempest Tour and so for no where else. Not much else is know but to me it looks like Twiztid is standing infront of the puzzle box from the Hellraiser movies, but I may be wrong. If you have more info or better pics hit us up.

  177. Wait  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This was sold on the Tempest Tour and so for no where else. Not much else is know so I guess we'll have to "Wait" until more info comes in. If you have more info or better pics hit us up.

  178. Smoke Signs  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This was sold at the Tempest Tour and is another addition to the popular "Twiztid Weed" line of merch.

  179. Twiztid "Serpent"  $20+
    Versions: 1) Madrox
                     2) Monoxide
    Comments: Twiztid love the solo shirts so we get some new June 2007 debutees. The fronts feature there respected member with colorful tribal-esque designs that resemble a serpent, with a hatchetman design with dragons on the back to even it out. These are very similar to the "Tattoo" solo shirts so don't get them mixed up.

  180. Twiztid Ghosts  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Spooky. The front graphic features Twiztid as ghosts with a quote from "Everybody Diez" from The Green Book with a new Twiztid logo on the back.Another June 2007 addition to Hatchetgear.

  181. Glow In The Dark Skull  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: At the end of June 2007 Hatchet Gear updated with a whole bunch of new Independents Merch including this new shirt. The front features the new Twiztid skull image with the Graffiti logo beneath it and a small green hatchetman on the back between the shoulder blades. The front image actually glows in the dark also for the extra spooky flavor.

  182. Cane  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: New ID shirt, with a new oozing Twiztid Independents Day logo on the front, and a ID logo on the back made to resemble some sort of cane. Keen observers will notice the front logo is actually just an old Mostasteless logo.

  183. Impaled  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Wow. With the skeleton impaled on a spike on the front and the split Twiztid faces on the back, this shirt is creepy in more ways then one.

  184. Rocket Launchers  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: If Twiztid were in charge of the war, I think we know what they'd do. New webstore debut promoting the ID album, with Twiztid on the front with Rockets and a hatchetman on the back. Also notice the random apperance of a Twiztid letters logo.

  185. Blowing Smoke  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Twiztid have never been ones to blow smoke up your ass, but they'll blow it the presidents face like on the front of this shirt. You can't go wrong the nifty red hatchetman on the back between the shoulders.

  186. Smoke Rings  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Unlike Gary Allan who blows smoke rings in the dark, Twiztid do it on the front of there shirts! Another small red hatchetman on the back. I hope someone gets that Gary Allan reference also.

  187. Foreshadowed  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Another new Hatchet Gear ID addition, this features the Uncle Sam figure under a dark shadow pointing at you to buy this shirt with the ID Twiztid logo on the back. I'm assuming a new shirt will be out with the album cover picture, so don't get them mixed up.

  188. Caution Tape  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: One more new Hatchet Gear ID debut with Twiztid behind some Independents Day caution tape and a hatchetman caught in the middle of a cross hair on the back.

  189. "Old Man"  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This was available in Hot Topic stores as the "Old Man" shirt, but we all know it's Uncle Sam. Features the portrait on the front with the ID logo and the same logo and hatchetman on the back This was also sold at the 2007 Gathering.

  190. Don't Fuck With A Lunatic  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This shirt is scary. Featuring a werewolf creature on the front with "Don't Fuck With A Lunatic" and a Twiztid logo on the back that was originally seen on the 2007 Twiztid calendar. This was originally sold at the 2007 Gathering but later made it's way to the webstore and hopefully not at your grandmas house for dinner.

  191. Circ Saw  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Simple design here with a bloody Circ Saw Twiztid logo on the front with nothing on the back. This was originally sold at the 2007 Gathering but later made it's way to the webstore.

  192. Grim Reaper  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This sports an old heavy metal inspired Grim Reaper artwork piece on the front with nothing on the back. This was originally sold at the 2007 Gathering but later made it's way to the webstore.

  193. Black Metal  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Front features a Twiztid logo with a blood red tinted picture of Twiztid with the new paint and a small red hatchetman on the back. I can only assume this is called the Black Metal shirt because of the resemblence to Corpsepaint that alot of black metal bands wear. This was originally sold at the 2007 Gathering but later made it's way to the webstore.

  194. Scope  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Front has the new Twiztid logo in a rifle scope with bullet holes around it and a small red hatchetman on the back. But why would someone wanna shoot at a Twiztid logo? Assholes. This was originally sold at the 2007 Gathering but later made it's way to the webstore.

  195. Monoxide Squares  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Monoxide gets some solo shirt love at the Gathering. Front features "Monoxide" spelled out in ciggarettes with what appears to be an ashtray on the back but I really can't tell because the picture sucks. If you have a better one hit us up. This was originally sold at the 2007 Gathering but later made it's way to the webstore.

  196. Demented Doll  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Here we got a Twiztid logo and a weird looking doll on the front with nothing on the back to make up this creepy shirt. This was originally sold at the 2007 Gathering but later made it's way to the webstore. Now is it just me or does the doll look like Kim Jong-il from the Team America movie?

  197. Hallucinations  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: One again Twiztid grace us with there presence infront of some trippy blue designs and the Graffiti logo that has seen it's way onto a couple of jerseys and shirts including this one. This was originally sold at the 2007 Gathering but later made it's way to the webstore.

  198. Madrox "The Bat"  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Monoxide had a random shirt at the 2007 Gathering so it's only right we get a random Madrox shirt on the webstore in late September. Another dip into the Batman gimmick, this time incorporating the new Batman Twiztid logo and T-Bat design.

  199. Peeking  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Once again whats old is new again. Red Freekshow era Twiztid logo with the Freekshow Madrox and Monoxide faces peeking at you from behind it make up this gem.This was made available on the webstore in September 2007.

  200. Old No.13  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Finally the alcoholic juggalos get a shirt with the JD ripoff on the front and the old Freekshow faces on the back. Esham had a similar graphic for his Repentance album but not on a t-shirt. This was another September 2007 webstore debut.

  201. Sparks And Smoke  $20+
    Color: Red
    Comments: Red Twiztid Bateyes cartoon faces surrounded by smoke and sparks...even though they had already changed the makeup by this time. Confused? yeah me too. Anyways this debuted on the webstore in September 2007.

  202. Covers  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Cool concept of Twiztid silhouettes standing infront of a collage of all the albums they have released (including the "4 The Fam" Internet EP). I can only predict we shall see atleast an ICP one in the future. This debuted on the webstore in September 2007.

  203. "ID Faces"  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Half face and half skull gimmick of Madrox and Monoxide on the front and a simple grey hatchetman on the back. Another September 2007 webstore addition.

  204. Spice  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Twiztid and the ID logo tinted red and orange which I guess makes it look "spicy". They're getting pretty low on names now. This debuted on the webstore in September 2007.

  205. T-Bat Logo  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: It's been features on jerseys and hoodies and now the T-Bat logo finds it's way onto a shirt. Simple concept with the T-Bat logo on the front and silver hatchetman on the back. This along with the other T-Bat merch debuted on the webstore in September 2007.

  206. Thorns  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: New Twiztid logo wrapped in thorns ala our saviour lord Jesus Christ with the bloody heavy metal naked chicks on the back. This was another September 2007 webstore debut.

  207. Die Muthafucka Die  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Based off the old school track on Mostasteless. I honestly can't even tell what that is. Looking at the back it almost appears as though theres an image of someone in the shower, so maybe it's from Psycho? I really don't know. Whatever it is it's pretty out there. This debuted on the webstore in September 2007.

  208. Crushed Ice  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Crazy image of Twiztid showing off the new facepaint with the Twiztid logo looking like ice hence the name. You'll be sure to look cool in this getup. Get it...cool? Ok so it's not my best material... chill out. Ha. Anyways this debuted on the webstore in September 2007.

  209. Silence  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: I guess this gets it's name from Monoxide having his mouth closed? even though Madrox's mouth is clearly open. But no need to split hairs. This debuted on the webstore in September 2007.

  210. Twiztid "Black Metal Solo"  $20+
    Versions: 1) Madrox
                     2) Monoxide
    Comments: Another notch in the popular solo shirt line with each member showing off the new corpse paint makeup with a new Twiztid logo on the back. This hit the webstore in September 2007.

  211. Grunged  $30+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Long sleeved shirt with Twiztid in a grungy looking room with the super shine in their eyes and Madrox and Monoxide written down the sleeves with a hatchetman on the back. This was part of a big Twiztid merch update on the webstore in September 2007.

  212. Barcode  $30+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Long sleeved wonder with a live picture of Twiztid rocking it out infront of a barcode with random buzz numbers and to top it all off we have "Serial Killaz" down the sleeves and a hatchetman on the back. This debuted on the webstore in late November 2007.

  213. Curlicue Logo Mall  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: These were sold in Hot Topic stores and features the Green Book era Curlicue logo. Hot Topic is always up on it.

  214. Toxic Terror Tour  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: 2008 put Twiztid out on the road for the Toxic Terror Tour, and with it... new tour shirt.

  215. Mostasteless Work Shirt  $45+
    Color: Black
    Comments: In May 2008 the classic Mostasteless logo plants itself onto a workshirt.

  216. Swarm  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This debuted on the webstore in June 2008 and it sort of has a heavy metal type logo feel to it which I really like, but who cares what I think.

  217. Down The Road  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: If you can't tell from the picture, the graphic is of a slit wrist and a razor for all you emo kids. The name comes from the slogan of "Don't Cross The Street, Go Down The Road" in reference to the right way of slitting your wrists. This debuted on the webstore in June 2008

  218. "X Eyes"  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Another June 2008 webstore debutee. This is another shirt that to me looks very heavy metal-esque and creepy with the skeletons and such.

  219. Groovy Letters Solo $20+
    Versions: 1) Jamie Madrox
                     2) Monoxide
    Comments: Sold at the 2008 Gathering, we get another crop of solo Twiztid shirts. I believe the Madrox sold out with the Monoxide eventually hitting the webstore.

  220. Dagger  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This was originally sold at the 2008 Gathering and looks to me like old school type tattoo art, which is something new in the world of Psychopathic shirts. This too eventually hit the webstore.

  221. Double Fuck You  $20+
    Color: Red
    Comments: Sold at the 2008 Gathering and features photos of them posing and flipping the bird. This sold out so it never made it to the webstore.

  222. Many Logos  $20+
    Color: Red
    Comments: Sold at the 2008 Gathering and features a big collage of all the logos Twiztid has used over the years. This turned out to be quite popular and sold out rather quickly.

  223. Skull Daze  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This was originally sold at the 2008 Gathering and features Twiztid posing with a bunch of creepy skulls, similar to a ICP shirt released at the same time. This eventually hit the webstore also.

  224. Green Metal Faces  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Sold at the 2008 Gathering and features the Twiztid Black Metal faces tinted green for the marijuana effect. This also eventually sold out.

  225. End of Days tour  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This tour marked the release of W.I.C.K.E.D., and Twiztid performed the album in full on every night of the tour.

  226. Twiztid History  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This shirt was dropped at the 2009 Gathering of the Juggalos and blew ninjas minds from day one. It features a collage of the albums marking the detailed history of the demented duo.

  227. Slaughterhouse tour  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This was originally sold at the 2008 Gathering and features Twiztid posing with a bunch of creepy skulls, similar to a ICP shirt released at the same time. This eventually hit the webstore also.

  228. Buckets of Blood Characters  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This was sold on the End of Days tour, and then Hatchet Gear.

  229. Fire Faces  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This was sold on the Opaque Brotherhood Tour, as well as the following Hatchet Attacks.

  230. New Year's Evil 3  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: I thought it would never happen, but we FINALLY got an event shirt for New Year's Evil, it only took 3. There was a sign saying they were limited to 200, yet they popped up on the webstore very shortly after the show.

  231. World of Webs  $20+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This was, as stated, the tour shirt for the World of Webs tour. If you have a pic, feel free to shoot us one, as we don't have one.

  232. World of Webs Artist Crew  $$$+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Twiztid wore a set of shirts for this tour with a spider printed on the front and what looked like it's legs and webbing going with an all over print, and their names on the back. If you have any clear shots, please sent them in.

  233. World of Webs Crew  $$$+
    Color: Black
    Comments: These shirts were worn by crew members and had their name embroidered on one side, and the Mostasteless/H&H logo on the chest, with TWIZTID CREW on the back in super reflective shiny print. Not sure if these were just for this tour, or if they'll be used for future tours too.

  234. Wild Week of Weirdos  $20+
    Versions: 1) Red
                     2) Yellow
    Comments: Two tour shirts were available for this very short tour, and we'll see howrarity develops over time.