1. Twiztid OG Faces
    Versions: 1) Hockey Jonco Faces Logo w/ "Mostasteless #1"  $250+
                     2) Hockey K1 Faces Reissue  $175+
                     3) Hockey Green 2003  $100+
    Comments: These were the first Twiztid jerseys available, with the faces logo and the purple, green and brown trim. Now, I know I have seen Jonco ones with JUST the #1, but I have no facts to back that up. Anyways, the jerseys were reissued on K1 with slight differences. The reissues don't have the pupils in their eyes on the front, some of the color shades are slightly different, and the front design is smaller on the OG. I've also heard of... the Small OG faces on a K1 jersey. I have also seen some K1's with no Hatchetmen on the sleeves. All of these differences do not change overall rarities, and is it up to the owner/buyer/seller to determine values for themselves. In 2003, TwiztidShop.com came to being, and this Green version debuted. However, notice the lack of Hatchetmen on the sleeves, as well as the fact that it is "smooth," and not mesh.

  2. Twiztid "Silver Letters"
    Versions: 1) Hockey w/ Silver Lettering $125+
                     2) Football w/ Large Hatchetman  $100+
                     3) Football w/ Small Hatcheman  $100+
    Comments: The ones with Solid Silver lettering (K1) have "Mostasteless #1" on the back. Now, we have come across a SportsRock brand version of the Hockey jersey (SR is still the same company as K1, just a different name/tag). Anyways, this version has the SR tag, the lettering on the front is spaced a little differently, and the hatchetman on the sleeves is stitched on differently. A person who has it is said it came straight from Monoxide, so perhaps this is a version made for Crew. I am not sure, but it's rarer, and possible a little more valuable because of that. Also, as seen in #3, there is a SportRock Football, with small hatchetmen on the sleeves. And why not, I've seen ones with no number on the back, and the "Mostasteless" lettering is different. Who knows where this stuff comes from anymore. There is also a Baseball jersey with these letters that was auctioned at the Gathering 2001. Keep going down the page to see that.

  3. Twiztid "Green Letters"
    Versions: 1) Hockey w/ Neon Green Lettering and #1  $100+
                     2) Hockey w/ Neon Green Lettering $125+
    Comments: The Green Lettered version was given away at some shows when you bought $50 in merchandise. It has Mostastless in green across the back and green Hatchetmen on the sleeves. Now, I got the picture of the one without the number from someone who got that at the first show they gave those away. Now maybe they started with no number, then eventually they added it. I am not sure. Rock of Ages used to sell them WITH the number, so I assume that to be the "reprint" and the easiest to find.

  4. Hallowicked 2000  $350++
    Versions: 1) Hockey Twiztid Hallowicked
                     2) Football Twiztid Hallowicked
                     3) Football Twiztid Hallowicked w/ Red Stripe on Sleeve
    Comments: These Hockey and Football jerseys were sold exclusively at Hallowicked 2000 for $150. They have Orange/Black Twiztid faces on the front, and Hallowicked 7 on the back. Here is the current info on this jersey. There were 52 made (50 for sale and 2 for Twiztid). Also, I believe the Hockeys and Trimmed Footballs are all 3X, while the regular footballs are XL and 3X. And story has it only 5 were hockey, which makes them significantly rarer and more valuable than the price above. Props to eXistence for the latest wave of info on this subject.

  5. Freek Show Faces
    Versions: 1) Hockey Blue/Green Freek Show (OG) $200+
                     2) Hockey Blue/Green Freek Show (Reissue)  $175+
                     3) Hockey Red/Blue Freek Show  $150+
                     4) Hockey Green 2003  $100+
    Comments: The Green Hockey Jerseys were sold on both legs of the Freek Show Tour. They are dark blue with the new Twiztid Faces logo on the front with a green outline and Freek Show #2 on the back. The ones sold on tour had large Hatchetman on the sleeves, while the ones on the Web Store now have smaller Hatchetman in circles. The "Small Hatchetman" versions also come in two different brands - K1 and Sportsrock. I have also heard that ones bought off the web store more recently do NOT have "Freek Show" on the back. Also on the Web Store came the new Red/Blue colored jerseys. In 2003, TwiztidShop.com came out with the updated Green version of this classic jersey.

  6. Freek Show Letters
    Versions: 1) Football Black Freek Show  $100+
                     2) Football White Freek Show  $100+
                     3) Football Green FS w/ Large Hatchetman  $150+
                     4) Football Green FS w/ Small Hatchetman  $100+
                     5) Football Blue/Green Freek Show  $125+
    Comments: These have "Twiztid" across the front, with the number "2" on the back. The Green ones with the Large Hatchetmen were made for a Twiztid St Patty's Day party, but they came too late, so they were sold. and only 34 or so of these are out there, before they reprinted them. The Blue/Green ones were also pretty rare, only being sold at a handful of shows, until 2003 when the Web Store magically got a good handful and sold them for 85 bucks out the door.

  7. Freek Show "Crew"
    Versions: 1) Football Red Freek Show  $$+
                     2) Football Black Freek Show  $$+
                     3) Football Blue Freek Show  $$+
    Comments: We only call these "crew" because there isn't much else to call them, and nothing smiliar was ever sold to the public. The first two, Madrox and Monoxide wore at the Gathering 2000, one color on each day I do believe, with their names on the back.. The Blue ones, they wore on stage at some Freek Show tour stops, and they were personalized as well. very few of all of these even exist, no less are floating around, but if you look hard enough there are a few of them out there.

  8. Freek Show BMX Jersey  $60+
    Comments: The BMX jerseys can be described like this -- they are almost a tight, smooth version of hockey jerseys, simply put. This was one of the first versions available on the Web Store, and at shows and Comic Cons. There are two versions - the first say "Twiztid Serial Killin Juggalos" on the back, while the others just say "Twiztid." Rarity on both is roughly the same.

  9. Twiztid Gathering 2001 Jersey Auction Lot
    Items: 1) Twiztid Dazzle
                 2) Twiztid Baseball
                 3) Twiztid OG Hockey #1
                 4) Twiztid OG Hockey #2
    Comments: This lot of jerseys (and a hoodie) were sold at the Gathering 2001 for $800. That is a total steal, I think, considering what these one-of-a-kind items could pull by themselves. Sadly, my man George who won this has sold it in pieces to make some needed cash, so you may be able to run across them from different people now.

  10. Hybrid Jersey  $60+
    Comments: So far, the only "Hybrid" jersey made is for Twiztid's Freekshow, debuted on the Psy. Web Store, was sold on the Mirror Mirror Tour, and got restocked on the Web Store in 2003. They describe it as a cross between a BMX and a Hockey jersey, and it often gets confused with the FreekShow BMX.

  11. Twiztid Batman
    Versions: 1) Hockey Grey Batman  $140+
                     2) Football Blue Batman  $100+
    Comments: This hockey jersey was rumored to debut on the Hatchet Rising Tour, but instead they came out on the Psychopathic Web Store, where it has been one of the more popular jerseys by the duo. So popular, they brought it back in the form of the blue Football jersey in September of 2006.

  12. Twiztid Serial Killas
    Versions: 1) Baseball Green Serial Killaz  $100+
                     2) Baseball Black Serial Killers  $200+
                     3) Hockey Green/Yellow Serial Killas  $130+
    Comments: The Green baseball debuted on the Hatchet Rising Tour. Early in that tour, I believe, at very few shows, the Black one was sold. I know for sure it was sold at the Maryland show.. and that may be it. I am not sure. Pretty rare indeed. The Green/Yellow Hockey jersey came out starting at the Detroit show on the Mirror Mirror Tour.

  13. Twiztid 'Freek Show/Juggalo 13'
    Versions: 1) Hockey Orange Freek Show  $125+
                     2) Football Black Freek Show  $100+
    Comments: The Hockey jersey debuted at Hallowicked 2001. A lot of people thought this was a Hallowicked exclusive, but it was at the shows after it, then on the Web Store. The Football version debuted after Hallowicked (and was also on the Web Store).

  14. Twiztid 'Freek Show/Juggalo 13' Crew Jerseys
    Versions: 1) Hockey Orange Freek Show Madrox  $$+
                     2) Hockey Orange Freek Show Monoxide  $$+
                     3) Football Black Freek Show (Name)  $$+
                     4) Football Black Freek Show (Juggalo 13)  $$+
    Comments: Twiztid wore these Hockey Jerseys on stage in 2001 and often threw them into the crowd. Note on those - the Freek Show is BLACK and the Hatchetmen on the sleeves are WHITE, or, the opposite of what is sold. The Football version wit hthe normal "Juggalo 13" back was available at the Gathering 2002 Auctions, and the personalized versions were worn occasionally by Twiztid onstage at their shows.

  15. Twiztid "Merry Axe-Mas" Jersey
    Versions: 1) Hockey Twiztid Axe-Mas (Crew)  $175+
                     2) Hockey Twiztid Axe-Mas  $120+
    Comments: This jersey dropped right before Christmas 2001. The first pictures they showed on Twiztid.com had no number on the back, but when they were sold, they had a #2. However, at the Xmas Party, Madrox, Blaze, and Matt Nips were all wearing them, but they had no number on the back. So I suspect these were made in limited numbers and only members of the crew have them.

  16. Mirror Mirror
    Versions: 1) Football Mirror Mirror  $100+
                     2) Hockey Mirror Mirror  $150+
    Comments: These jerseys debuted on... the Mirror Mirror tour, and they sport a unique design on the back of 2 3's, unlike anything else Psy. has put out. There were personalized Madrox and Monoxide versions of the Football jersey also made, as they wore them on stage occasionally

  17. Twiztid "Mirror Mirror/Scimitar" Logo
    Versions: 1) Football Orange #3  $100+
                     2) Football Blue/Yellow #2  $100+
                     3) Basketball Black/Red #2  $70+
    Comments: These jerseys all have the "Twiztid" across the front in the same font, so we group them together. Actually, the Green/Yellow Hockey has it also, but we have that with the Serial Killas jerseys. Anyways... the Orange Football came out early in the MM Tour, and has a #3 on the back for Mirror Mirror... the third CD. Then on the last show of the tour debuts the Basketball jersey, and at the Gathering, the Blue/Yellow is finally for sale after Madrox had worn it on tour. Now.. they have #2's on the back. Weird indeed.

  18. EastSide  $150+
    Comments: Long awaited, the EastSide jerseys debuted on the Mirror Mirror Tour, along with the hoodies. What is interesting is that one hatchetman on the sleeves is red, while the other is white. There is also rumor of football versions, as Mono wore one on stage, but we have not seen them for sale yet.

  19. Twiztid Gathering 2002
    Versions: 1) Baseball Grey Gathering Jersey  $110+
                     2) Baseball Red Gathering Jersey  $110+
    Comments: These jerseys were sold, obviously, at the Gathering 2002. These were some of the more popular clothing items of the weekend, no doubt. They never were sold elsewhere, so add that to their rarity and value.

  20. Twiztid Gathering 2002 Jersey Auction Lot
    Items: 1) Football Black Freek Show
                 2) Dazzle Black Twiztid
                 3) Hockey Twiztid w/Axe
    Comments: These sold for a grand total of $2050 in the 2002 Gathering Auctions. That's a lot of cheese, but for 3 one of a kind jerseys, I am sure the owner is very happy.

  21. Twiztid Mirror Mirror Faces
    Versions: 1) Hockey Black/Purple MM Faces  $200+
                     2) Hockey Light Blue/Purple MM Faces  $120+
    Comments: Well, here is the deal on these. Towards the very end of the Mirror Mirror Tour in 2002, a handful of the Black jerseys popped up, but as far as I know, they were not for sale, hence their high value. If you know forsure if they were or were not sold at the end of the tour, let us know! Now, fast forward to the Twiztid/Bone Tour of 2003, and these light blue ones pop up for sale. They are similar in that they have the same Faces on the front, but as you can see, the Stripes and the back are slightly different.

  22. Twiztid "Bigfoot" Logo  $100+
    Comments: For an unexplained reason, this new Twiztid jersey dropped onto the Web Store in mid-December of 2002. It features yet another font of "Twiztid" with the 3 on the back. This was also made available on the Twiztid/Bone Tour.

  23. Twiztid "Green Book" Logo
    Versions: 1) Hockey Green Book  $100+
                     2) Football Green Book  $100+
    Comments: These jerseys debuted on the Web Store in early May of 2003, right before Twiztid's Green Book album came out. Notice we still have the 3 on the backs, and a new trim of Hatchetmen. Now, there are a few other Green Book items after this, but to lump them all together is ridiculous, so try to bare with us.

  24. "Green Life Forces Energies"  $125+
    Comments: This basketball jersey debuted in mid-May of 2003, on the Majik Records web store as the "Smokers Delight" jersey. It sold out within 2 days, but then quickly appeared on HatchetGear.com. I have been told that the first versions of this were SLIGHTLY different, as the "i" on the originals was a book. If you have pics of this, please let us know. Also of note, these were sold ortiginally at 65 dollars, but I saw one got for an insane amount on ebay in late 2005. I am not sure if they all go for that much, or if it was two crazy bidders.

  25. Samhein Witch Killaz
    Versions: 1) Football Samhein Witch Killaz  $85+
                     2) Hockey Samhein Witch Killaz $95+
    Comments: Oh yeah, remember the Majik Records Web Store? Those were good times. Anyways, first came the football, then later the hockey surfaced. They say the hockey is made of a heavier material, so... yeah.

  26. Green Book "Throwback"
    Versions: 1) Throwback Green Book  $100+
                     2) Baseball Green Book  $100+
    Comments: Originally slated to come out on the Month of Mayhem Tour, this addition to the Psychopathic Throwbacks came to us on HatchetGear.com in May of 2003. The baseball jersey debuted at the Gathering 2003, sold out the first day, and hasn't been seen since. It has snap buttons, opposed to the usual buttons on baseball jerseys.

  27. Twiztid "Street Team"  $$+
    Comments: When the Green Book was about to come out, Twiztid ran a contest where you promoted the upcoming CD with posters, flats, etc, tot he best of your ability, and the most creative pictures, videos and such would win prizes. Five first prizes were Green Book leather coats, which I have yet to see. 10 second-place winners got these jerseys, and they were able to personalize them with anything they wanted. As you can see, this one is "Monoxide." I have also seen a "Abinadi." Needless to say, these are very limited.

  28. Twiztid "Solo" 2003  $$+
    Versions: 1) Hockey "Fat Kidz"
                     2) Hockey "Nikateen"
    Comments: You may have noticed Monoxide wearing this on some pictures on TwiztidShop.com. Twiztid also wore these at a few concerts in the fall of 2003. Now, I have heard someone had these made for Twiztid and gave them to them as a gift. I wouldn't think they'd wear them around that much if that were the case. Also, I believe Madrox gave his away at one show, so... there is the possibility of them being out there, one way or the other.

  29. "Guts" Logo Football  $100+
    Comments: TwiztidShop.com came to be in August of 2003, and with it came many new styles of jerseys. This football jersey sports the "Guts" logo on the front, the 4 on the back, and is neatly half-white and half-green.

  30. Green Book Basketball
    Versions: 1) Basketball Green "4"  $65+
                     2) Basketball Black/Green "3"  $80+
    Comments: So much un-named Twiztid Green Book merch, and nowhere to put them. So, this first jersey was one of the first items up when TwiztidShop.com came about. It has a 4 on the back. Fast forward to the Gathering 2003, and the second jersey appears in very small quantities.

  31. "New Style" Green Book Hockey  $100+
    Comments: Ok, seriously, can Twiztid stick to one logo per era? This is the third, at least, in a two momth span. Anyways, this jersey debuted on TwiztidShop.com in August of 2003, and it sports a new logo, and a new design, so it's pretty unique.

  32. Twiztid "Family"  $100+
    Comments: This jersey debuted on the Green Book Tour, and like every other unique piece of merch, we wonder if it will spawn more similar pieces. Anyways, notice the "98" on the one sleeve also, as that seems to be a theme on some of Twiztid's new clothing.

  33. Twiztid 4 Life  $65+
    Versions: 1) Basketball Red "4 Life"
                     2) Basketball Blue "4 Life"
    Comments: Another new gimmick, another question of if/when we'll see this on other stuff. This basketball jersey debuted on the Green Book Tour in two colors, and sports a very unique design, as much of their new merch does. In September of 2003, TwiztidShop.com started offering a package deal for the red jersey, matching shorts and hat, and the Red "White Trash" shirt. Combo deals are good.

  34. White Green Book "4"  $85+
    Comments: This jersey debuted on the Green Book Tour, and as you can see, it's white, with green sleeves/shoulders, a new Twiztid logo and "4" on the back.

  35. Serial Killa  $80+
    Comments: This baseball jersey is pretty unique. It debuted on the Green Book Tour and soon got onto TwiztidShop.com. Now, there are some with snap buttons, and some with regular buttons like that of a baseball jersey. Make sure you know what you want before you get it.

  36. FrightFest 2003 Crew / NHL Logo
    Versions: 1) Hockey Driveby  $$+
                     2) Hockey JD the Weedman  $$+
    Comments: FrightFest 2003 brought us some Crew jerseys. They appear to be the same jersey as the 2003 Hallowicked jersey, with a variation of the ICP NHL Logo on the front. From the pictures, we know JD had his own, and Blaze/ABK wore "Driveby" versions. Did ROC and/or Twiztid have their own? I assume so, but I can't say for sure. Since the base jersey is the same as another, in theory this could be faked, so be very careful if you ever come across one.

  37. Twiztid "Frankenstein"
    Versions: 1) Hockey Madrox  $100+
                     2) Hockey Monoxide  $100+
    Comments: These jerseys debuted on TShop.com in early November of 2003. Why weren't they at Fright Fest, where they would have been great sellers? Who knows, but these are the breaks. Anyways, you see there are both Madrox and Monoxide versions. They were originally to have a Hatchetman on one sleeve and a Face on the other. Alas, as you can see, two Hatchetmen it is.

  38. Twiztid 2004  $100+
    Versions: 1) Hockey Red/White
                     2) Hockey White/Red Mono  $110+
    Comments: This hockey jersey debuted on TwiztidShop.com in January of 2004. Taking a cue from the Red Wings, the jersey is red and white, and has the '04 patch on the back, as well as the sleeves. In February of the same year, the White version debuted (for $110). As you notice, it is personalized "Monoxide" on the back. Nothing Madrox, however.

  39. Mutant '04  $85+
    Comments: This baseball jersey debuted on TwiztidShop.com in March of 2004. Now, being only 85 bucks, I question what kind of material this is made of. Now, being only 85 dollars, this threw up a red flag on the quality. It is indeed a cotton jersey, t-shirt material if you will... almost like the Major League Psycho jerseys from a few years back. So before you order them, realize you're not getting a mesh Majestic style jersey.

  40. Madrox Signature Series  $150+
    Comments: TwiztidShop.com hyped this football jersey for awhile, and it finally debuted in mid-April of 2004. It is blue, orange, and white, and is personalized "Madrox 7" as you can see. These are also autographed on the number, and only 75 were made.

  41. CC3 Dragon (Signature Series)  $150+
    Comments: This football jersey came out in late May of 2004, and is the second of the Twiztid Signature Series jerseys. This one celebrates Cryptic Collection 3, and has both Madrox and Monoxide's autographs. These were limited to 80 pieces (40 XL and 40 3X). Now, in February of 2005, HatchetGear has more of these available for 150, down from the original 200. Overstock? Are there really 5000 of these floating around? Who knows.

  42. CC3 Reversable Basketball Jersey  $20+
    Comments: This jersey also came out on TwiztidShop.com in late May of 2004. For only 20 bucks, you'd think these are pieces of shit, like the screen print jerseys you see for sale in Meijer. But I've seen many, many people pleased with these jerseys, so hey... maybe they're on to something good here.

  43. "Choppers" Logo
    Versions: 1) Baseball Choppers Logo  $65+
                     2) Football Black Choppers Logo  $90+
                     3) Football Red Choppers Logo  $90+
                     4) Basketball Black Choppers Logo  $65+
                     5) Basketball Red Choppers Logo  $65+
    Comments: It took awhile, but the Choppers logo finally made it to a jersey. This baseball jersey debuted on TwiztidShop.com in August of 2004. Being only 65 bucks, I assume it is like the other recent jerseys, and not the sturdy mesh of years past. Alas, if you still like it, it's all you. Now in June 2008 we get both a Football and Basketball version on the webstore, available in black and red.

  44. FrightFest 2004  $200+
    Comments: This hockey jersey was sold on October 31st, 2004, at the 2nd FrightFest Event, featuring Twiztid, Blaze, ROC, and more. They were sold for $175, and had, I believe, 30 XLs and 15 3XLs, and they sold out fast. I heard of people offereing $300 for them after the show.

  45. FrightFest 2004 Crew  $$+
    Comments: Ah, crew jerseys. The participants at FrightFest2004 came out on stage with their own personalized jerseys. I'm not sure who else had them, but we have confirmation of The ROC and JD the Weedman. I would assume at least Blaze had one, and maybe Mono and Madrox, but I cannot say. Like the 2003 Crews, be careful, because I don't see a difference between the Crew and Regular jerseys other than the nameplate, so these could theoretically be easily faked. But also theoretically, there should be ONE of each, so odds of getting over on someone would be difficult.

  46. Smokers Only
    Versions: 1) Football Black/Green Smokers Only  $120+
                     2) Basketball Red/White/Blue Sig Series  $150+
    Comments: Monoxide's CD set to surface, TS.com came up with some new merch to support it in November of 2004. First is the football jersey, with the interesting gimmick down the back instead of a number. The basketball jersey is limited to 75, and each is hand autographed by Monoxide. Now, right after these debuted, TS.com closed and everything went onto HatchetGear.com, where these jerseys seemed to change slightly with colors and stuff. I believe that TwiztidShop would just post projected images, and not the exact items, so there should only be these versions out there. If you have anything different if you ordered early, let us know.

  47. XXX  $110+
    Comments: This football jersey was sold at FrightFest, and a few of the following Bootleg Banner Tour shows, but it hasn't shown up anywhere else yet. Until then, we can only speculate what it means, how much it will be worth, etc.

  48. Twiztid Spike Logo  $75+
    Versions: 1) Football Burgandy/Gold Spike
                     2) Basketball Burgandy/Gold Spike
                     3) Baseball Black/Silver Spike
    Comments: New Twiztid era; new Logo. This one hit the jerseys in May of 2005, just before the release of their Man's Myth and Mutant gimmick. I think the baseball came out at the same time as the other two, but it may have been a little after. Hey, they have the same logo, so it fits here!

  49. Twiztid M3 Logo
    Versions: 1) Hockey Black/Silver M3  $110+
                     2) Hockey Green M3  $140+
                     3) Football Green/Yellow M3  $100+
                     4) Basketball Blue/Red M3 Logo  $70+
    Comments: This jersey came out on the Man's Myth and Mutant Tour of 2005. The Black one made it to HatchetGear.com by October. The Green, or Olive, or whatever one was only sold at a very limited number of shows, and hasn't popped up anywhere else. Notice the yellow trim? Weird. The Green football jersey was also available on the tour, I think, and it hasn't shown up elsewhere either. The basketball I believe was available on The Guillotine Tour but I may be wrong.

  50. FrightFest 2005  $150+
    Comments: This hockey jersey was sold on at the 3rd Annual FrightFest. We wil lsee if they become as sought after as past Halloween jerseys by the boys from Twiztid.

    Madrox "Phatso"
    Versions: 1) Baseball M Logo  $110+
                     2) Football M Logo  $110+
    Comments: This baseball jersey came out in June of 2006 along with Madrox's solo album with the black football following later.

  51. Twiztid "Eyeball"
    Versions: 1) Hockey Eyeball Logo  $100+
                     2) Baseball Eyeball Logo  $120+
                     3) Basketball Eyeball Logo  $90+
    Comments: The hockey jersey came out on the Twiztid tour in the summer of 2006. The baseball and basketball jerseys came out in September of 2006. Both have the eyeball logo that was made famous by the Mans Myth and Mutant double cd.

  52. Man's Myth Tie Up String Hockey  $110+
    Comments: This is really weird. They sold this jersey on the Guillotine Tour of Spring 2006 and if you can't tell, the top of the jersey has a string to tie it up. Very interesting and I believe this is the first of it's kind in the land of Psychopathic.

  53. Mostasteless Letters  $110+
    Comments: How long ago did this CD come out, and they are still milking it? Anyways, this hockey jersey came out in September of 2006.

  54. Twiztid 2007 Faces
    Versions: 1) Football Black/Red 2007 Faces  $100+
                     2) Football Red/Black 2007 Faces  $100+
    Comments: Debuting on The Tempest Tour, this is a 2007 take on the Twiztid faces gimmick. The black football jerseys have a red and white stripe down the side with a red Hatchetman on the shoulders and Twiztid XX on the back. The red version doesn't have the stripe down the side and the hatchetmans are on the sleeves, not the shoulders.

  55. Twiztid "Graffiti Logo"
    Versions: 1) Football Graffiti Logo  $90+
                      2) Basketball Red Graffiti Logo  $65+
                      3) Hockey Green/White/Blue Graffiti Logo  $110+
                      4) Basketball Green 420 Graffiti Logo  $100+
                      5) Hockey Royal Blue & Navy Blue Graffiti Logo  $110+
    Comments: The first 3 jerseys were sold on the 2007 Tempest Tour. The football and hockey have a "Serial Killa" nameplate with a hatchetman underneath, while the red basketball has the XX gimmick on the back. The green basketball debuted at the 2007 Gathering and quickly sold out. Unlike the others these have a 420 nameplate on the back to cater to all the stoners. The 2nd hockey was sold at the 2007 Gathering but quickly made it's way to the webstore.

  56. Twiztid ID Skull
    Versions: 1) Football Black Skull  $90+
                     2) Hockey Green Skull  $110+
    Comments: The first jerseys representing the Independents Day era of Twiztid. The front has the new Twiztid skull logo while the back has a Twiztid 66 name plate. I don't really know the signifigance of the 66 on the football unless they just had no more room left to put 666. The green hockey unlike the football has Twiztid down the back.

  57. ID Twiztid Logo
    Versions: 1) Hockey ID Logo  $110+
                     2) Basketball ID Logo  $65+
                     3) Football ID Logo  $90+
    Comments: This hockey jersey debuted with the rest of the ID merch in June 2007. It's got the ID Twiztid logo in red on the front with 66 on the back. The basketball and football debuted on the webstore a year later.

  58. Twiztid "T-Bat" Logo
    Versions: 1) Hockey Black & Royal Blue T-Bat Logo  $110+
                     2) Hockey Black & White T-Bat Logo  $110+
                     3) Football T-Bat Logo  $90+
                     4) Baseball T-Bat Logo  $100+
                     5) Basketball T-Bat Logo  $65+
    Comments: The T-Bat logo is sure to be popular so we have to have it here on some new jerseys. On the back is a Twiztid nameplate with an 11 but notice how the second 1 is backwords which is something new. These debuted on HatchetGear in late September 2007 right after it was announced that Twiztid's Toxic Terror tour had been cancelled. One can only assume this was some of the new merch to be featured on the tour.

  59. Mostasteless 2007 And Beyond
    Versions: 1) Hockey Green Mostasteless 2007  $110+
                     2) Hockey Black Mostasteless 2007  $110+
                     3) Hockey Forest Green And White Mostasteless 2007  $110+
                     4) Football Green Mostateless 2007  $90+
                     5) Basketball Mostasteless 2007  $65+
                     6) Football Mostasteless 2008  $100+
                     7) Basketball Mostasteless 2008  $65+
    Comments: What's old is for sure new again. The green hockey was originally sold at the 2007 Gathering and was bought up quickly by the Juggalos. The next 4 debuted on Hatchetgear in late September 2007. The 6th showed up on the webstore in early 2008 followed by the 2nd basketball in May.

  60. 420 Baseball  $100+
    Comments: The 420 gimmick hits a baseball jersey with this winter 2008 webstore debut. New Twiztid logo on the front, 420 on the back and the continuation of the big/small hatchetman patches on opposing sleeves makes up this swell piece.

  61. Black Metal Faces
    Versions: 1) Football Powder Blue Twiztid Black Metal Faces  $100+
                     2) Football Black Madrox Black Metal Face  $90+
                     3) Football Red Madrox Black Metal Face  $90+
                     4) Basketball Black Madrox Black Metal Face  $65+
                     5) Basketball Red Madrox Black Metal Face  $65+
                     6) Football Black Monoxide Black Metal Face  $90+
                     7) Football Red Monoxide Black Metal Face  $90+
                     8) Basketball Black Monoxide Black Metal Face  $65+
                     9) Basketball Red Monoxide Black Metal Face  $65+
    Comments: Winter 2008 webstore debutee football jersey with the creepy Independents Day era Twiztid faces on the front surronded by the sensitive but strong powder blue color scheme. A couple months later we got individual football and hockey's in red and black for both Madrox and Monoxide. These however include the new popular personlized member backs to make you feel like a big shot.

  62. "Batwiztid" Logo
    Versions: 1) Football Powder Blue Batwiztid Logo  $100+
                     2) Football Black Batwiztid Logo  $90+
                     3) Basketball Batwiztid Logo  $65+
                     4) Tie Up Hockey Batwiztid Logo  $120+
    Comments: This updated Twiztid Batman logo has seen it's way onto a couple of the T-Bat logo jerseys but it finally popped up on it's own personal jersey which debuted on Hatchetgear.com in winter 2008. A couple months later the second football and basketball appear on the webstore. A week later the hockey pops up in the "Tie-Up Jersey" variety which we havn't seen much of.

  63. Twiztid Vertical Logo  $90+
    Comments: This football debuted on the webstore in June 2008. Now you would assume from the front that it's a Psychopathic jersey but it's got the "Twiztid" vertical logo gimmick happening on the back making it a Twiztid jersey. Quite a nifty little concept mixing the two together.

  64. Twiztid "Sweet Leaf"  $120+
    Comments: Hockey jersey that debuted on the webstore in June 2008. We have a mix of the Mostasteless logo on the front and the 420 on the back with the pot leafs on both sides to top it off.