There are rumors of a COC Hoodie that a trader has, but I have heard conflicting reports if it is real or not. If we get pictures or a story behind it, we will post it. Also, I have heard there is ONE set each of COC, RM, and RBox hoodies/sweatpants, that Psychopathic had made, then auctioned off or gave as a prize or something. Just some things to look out for.

  1. RiddleBox  $100+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This hoodie was ONLY available, to the best of my knowledge, in the original RiddleBox cd/tape booklets (the ones with the order forms). It just has the small RiddleBox face off-centered on the chest, about the size of a quarter. Not many are floating around today in the Trading World, so they are pretty rare.

  2. Great Milenko
    Versions: 1) Small Milenko  $120+
                     2) Large Milenko  $70+
    Color: Black
    Comments: The first Milenko hoodie, I believe were only for the Crew. Like the RiddleBox ones, they have a small Milenko face off-center on the chest, but these have a larger Milenko on the back (see picture). If you have a picture of the front, or any other info, as always, let us know. The second one has the larger Milenko face like the t-shirts (only comes with a red face, I assume).

  3. House of Horrors
    Versions: 1) HOH Faces  $70+
                     2) HOH "Letters"  $70+
    Comments: These were the first hoodies to be readily accessable to the public, as I believe they were sold in music stores and such after Milenko came out. But, nowadays, they are becoming more rare and sought after.

  4. Juggalo Funhouse/Hokus Pokus  $60+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Now, I always thought this was bootleg, but enough people have it, so I guess it is legit. I believe it has the Cartoon of ICP and "Insane Clown Posse" on the front, but as usual, I could be wrong on that. I also thought they made this in a regular sweatshirt and not a Hoodie... but yeah, I dunno.

  5. AJB "Split Face"  $80+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This hoodie shows the "split face" image of the Jeckel Brothers. It's said to be a "promo" version, so take it as you may. It looks like it's screen printed, but we cannot be sure. if you have any additional info on this, let us know.

  6. Wicked Clowns  $70+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This hoodie came out in the Jeckel era, and is just like the AJB WC shirt. I believe this was available in malls and such, and not just at shows.

  7. "Broken Letters"  $85+
    Colors: Black w/ Silver; Black w/ Red
    Comments: These were sold at the AJB In-Stores. They have the "Insane Clown Posse" letters logo that was used very frequently during the AJB Era. The Red lettering is slightly rarer than the Silver.

  8. Insane Clown Posse (Coney Island Logo)  $50+
    Colors: Black w/ Red, Black w/ Blue
    Comments: Again, these were sold at the AJB In-Stores and beyond (and were brought back onto the Web Store in Sept. of 2002 for 30 bucks), and again, I always thought these were bootleg. They simply say "Insane Clown Posse," one word under the other in plain, skinny font. I thought they had Black w/ Green font, and Twiztid ones also, but I could be wrong.

  9. "COC 2000"  $50+
    Color: Black
    Comments: And then come the Mall Hoodies. This came out right around the same time as the shirt just like it, and can be found in your local mall.

  10. Hallowicked 2001  $100+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This was only available at the Blaze Hallowicked afterparty/show. Although I did hear of them being sold at the next Comic Con. BEWARE that some fakes were sold on ebay. The real ones have an embroidered patch, while the fakes are "painted on" like a T-shirt, and the Hatchetman looks like he's on crack.

  11. Bizzar Bizaar  $60+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Add this to the list of Mall Hoodies.

  12. ICP Butcher Letters  $60+
    Color: Blue
    Comments: These hoodies were released on the Web Store, and have the same "Butcher" letter design as the jerseys like them.

  13. ICP "Burning Card"  $50+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Another of your favorite Mall Hoodies, found on eBay or at most local music stores near you.

  14. Amazing Jeckel Brothers 2002 "Dice"  $50+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This is the newest Mall Hoodie, recently made available at Hot Topic. New hoodies in the middle of the summer. Interesting concept.

  15. Wraith Fleece  $80+
    Color: Grey
    Comments: This isn't exactly a hoodie, but it's a sweatshirt-type deal, so it has a home right here. These debuted on the Web Store in October of 2002, and they represent the era of The Wraith. We shall see if other "fleeces" are made by Psychopathic.

  16. Wraith: Shangri-La  $65+
    Colors: Black; Red; Black w/ Blue
    Comments: October 2002, the cold weather flows in, and so do the new hoodies. These are the first hoodies that come with the "conventional" Psychopathic sizes of M, XL, 3X, and 5X. Hopefully they fit more to size than past hoodies have. The red version dropped in mid-December 2002, and the Blue Wraithed version came in February of 2K3.

  17. ICP "Wraith Era"  $50+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Mall Hoodie representing the Wraith Shangri-La. It has a picture of The Wraith on the back with "The Era Of The Sixth Jokers Card Begins..."

  18. ICP "Carnival Letters"  $65+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This hoodie debuted on the Web Store in mid-Jan. 2003. As you may, or may not be able to see, there is a Red Wraith logo on one sleeve, and the new Psy Flaming logo on the other.

  19. ICP "Wraith Faces"  $65+
    Color: Black w/ Blue
    Comments: This hoodie debuted on the Shangri-La Tour of 2003. It is speculated that there are other shirts and/or hoodies with similar designs, but this is the only one that has been for sale as of yet.

  20. RiddleBox 2003  $50+
    Color: Black
    Comments: During the summer of 2003, Hot Topic debuted this new hoodie. As you can see, it has the RiddleBox image on it, with "ICP RiddleBox" written underneath. Pretty simple.

  21. ICP Wraith Faces  $50+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This hoodie debuted on the Wicked Wonka Tour, and then soon on the Web Store. It sports the new faces, a new ICP logo on the back, and it is silk-screened, so it is a little cheaper than usual.

  22. "ICP" 2003 Logo  $65+
    Color: Grey
    Comments: Gotta love merch that we don't know the names for. Regardless, this hoodie debuted on the Wicked Wonka Tour, and it has the same new logo you can find on the back of the Wraith Faces Hockey Jersey. Yup.

  23. Hallowicked 2003  $50+
    Color: Orange
    Comments: This hoodie was sold at the Devils Night and Halloween shows of the Wicked Wonka Tour, as well as the Hallowicked afterparty, and then they made their way to the Web Store. Notice they are 50 bucks because they are screen printed and they are THIN. Think t-shirt with a hood, seriously.

  24. ICP Poses 2003  $50+
    Versions: 1) Violent J
                     2) Shaggy 2Dope
    Comments: These red hoodies first became available on the Web Store in November of 2003. They are both screen printed, and they both have "Insane Clown Posse" on the back.

  25. ICP Picture 2003  $50+
    Comments: They are going crazy with the screen printed hoodies here, ladies and gentlemen. This hoodie has a picture of ICP on the front, with a small HatchetGear logo on the back.

  26. Santa's Wicked Helpers  $50+
    Comments: This screen-printed hoodie came onto the Web Store in December of 2003, with a similar shirt. We have the faces on the front, and the Santa Hatchetman on the ass. Classy.

  27. Carnival of Carnage  $45+
    Comments: Summer of 2004 brought us this hoodie, via any Hot Topic near you! Nothing says summer like the classic screen-printed hoodie.

  28. ICP Flame Logo  $55+
    Comments: This screen-printed hoodie came onto the Web Store in October of 2004 with a new twist on the 'Flaming logo.' This is also one of the first of the "new" style of hoodies, with the Hatchetman at the neck.

  29. ICP: Hells Pit  $65+
    Comments: It starts to get chilly in Michigan in October, so boom, HatchetGear drops a Hells Pit hoodie. I believe the front is stitched, while the back is screened on.

  30. ICP Faces "New Makeup"  $65+
    Comments: The Faces have been popping up on some merch lately, and what better than.... the hoodie! This came outo in December of 2004, and it's guaranteed to keep you warm.

  31. ICP "Worlds Most Hated Band"  $55+
    Comments: As the merch tells you, ICP is the worlds most hated band... and merch doesn't lie. This silk-screened hoodie came out in March of 2005 on

  32. ICP Joker Cards 2005  $65+
    Versions: 1) Carnival of Carnage
                     2) Ringmaster
                     3) Riddle Box
                     4) Great Milenko
                     5) Jake Jeckel
    Comments: These hoodies came out in March of 2005 on the Web Store. Notice that it appears the patches are indeed stitched on instead of the recent trend of screen printing. Also notice the "new" style hoodie with the Hatchetman on the collar.

  33. ICP "6 In 1"  $55+
    Color: Grey
    Comments: October of 2005 brought us this hoodie. The 6 in 1 gimmick was used before on some shirts, and now it is brought back for the winter months

  34. Wraith: Shangri-La Zip Up  $60+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This zip up hoodie came onto the Web Store in October 2005, although I believe a very similar, if not the exact same one is in Hot Topic also. Anyways, it seems to be pretty good quality for all of your Wraith supporters to wear in the chilly winter months.

  35. ICP Hot Topic Hoodies: Summer 2006  $40+
    Versions: 1) The Calm
                     2) Crop Circles
                     3) The Most Hated Band
                     4) ICP Shield Logo
    Comments: These hoodies all came out during the spring/summer of 2006 at Hot Topic, so... I figured I'd group them all together. They are all pretty self explanitory

  36. ICP "Olde English"  $65+
    Color: Red
    Comments: This hoode came out for the re-up on in September of 2006. Simple enough with just ICP in Olde English letters across the front.

  37. ICP "Carnival Letters"  $65+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Another plain hoodie from 2006, September. Here we have ICP in a Carnival font, that I am sure will show up on more merch.

  38. Joker Cards 2006 (Colored)  $65+
    Versions: 1) Carnival of Carnage (Blue)
                     2) Ringmaster (Gold)
                     3) Riddle Box (Green)
                     4) Great Milenko (Grey)
                     5) Jack Jeckel (Gold)
                     6) Shangri-La (Blue)
                     7) Hells Pit (Red)
    Comments: These hoodies debuted in September of 2006 in the "Simple is better" gimmick. We have every Jokers Card on a plain colored hoodie as opposed to Black, which you may already own. You may notice the Milenko is very similar to the ones that came out in 2005, but I believe the actual hoodiethese are made with are different.

  39. "Get Ya Wicked On"  $40+
    Color: Red
    Comments: This hoodie came out in Hot Topic and HatchetGear in December of 2006. You have the Wraith, some birds, some hatchets, and Get Ya Wicked On across the bottom back.

  40. ICP Lightning  $65+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This hoodie came out on HatchetGear in December of 2006. It is a zip up hoodie, which is always a classy look during those chilly months.

  41. Tempest Roller Coaster  $65+
    Color: Black
    Comments:Of course they have to bust out a new hoodie for The Tempest. This hoodie is not like most, with the blank back but a big ICP logo on the back of the hood. Interesting.

  42. AJB 2007 Hatchetman  $50+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Hot Topic coming with another hoodie in March 2007. I still don't understand why they have pictures of The Jeckel Brothers and a Wraith Era Font but thats why they make the big bucks. Also of note, there is a hatchet on each side of the hood in order to make it look even more cluttered.

  43. ICP Possesed Faces  $65+
    Versions: 1) Gold
                     2) Black
    Comments: The "Possesed ICP Faces" design has been seen on a couple of jerseys but now it's here on a hoodie. This was originally sold at the 2007 Gathering but later found it's way onto the webstore. Fast forward to may 2008 and we get the black version.

  44. ICP Bape Style  $55+
    Color: White
    Comments: Wow, now this is an interesting piece. Remember Bape hoodies? Well here we got the Juggalo version. With images of the jokers cards, hatchetman and ICP logos plastered all over with a COC face on the hood. Now when you zip up the hoodie all the way your face becomes the actual COC face. Pure insanity. This is another Hot Topic exclusive.

  45. Shangri-La Lettering  $60+
    Color: Red
    Comments: Mall hoodie that has hatchetman outlines covering the outside and ICP logos and more hatchetmen covering the inside, which I guess is the style these days.

  46. Joker Cards Zip-Up  $45+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Screen printed mall hoodie with all the Jokers Cards and AJB ICP logo along the left side of the front.

  47. Hallowicked 2007 Skulls  $50+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This silk screened hoodie was sold on the 2007 Hallowicked tour but later on the webstore. Featuring the Hallowicked Skulls design this hoodie is very similar to a Hot Topic shirt released around the same time.

  48. ICP Skull Tittle  $60+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This new logo has seen itís way onto some jerseys and eventually made itís way to a hoodie. This was sold on the 2007 Hallowicked tour but quickly made itís way to the webstore which labels it as the ďSkull TittleĒ hoodie..

  49. Spiderweb Logo Hallowicked 2007 Zip-Up  $60+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Zip-Up hoodie with a spiderweb ICP logo on the front and the Hallowicked ICP skulls on the back. The front graphic is actually really badly made, it's almost painted on so it cracks really super easy. It's a shame too. This was originally sold on the Hallowicked 2007 tour but later found it's way onto the webstore.

  50. ICP Faces Zip-Up  $60+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This silk screened hoodie features ICP's faces on the front in a nice zip-up fashion.

  51. Re-imagined Jokers Cards  $50+
    Versions: 1) Carnival Of Carnage Wall
                     2) Ringmaster Orange Flame
                     3) Great Milenko Magic Cards
    Jeckel Brothers Flame Vortex
                     5) The Wraith: Shangri-La Tunnel
    Comments: These hoodies take a new artistic look at each Jokers Card and itís message minus Riddlebox and Hells Pit for some reason. These 5 debuted on the webstore in November 2007.

  52. Skyline Zip-Up  $45+
    Color: Black
    Comments: This design was seen previously on a mall shirt but here it is on a screen printed zip-up hoodie. I can only assume this was available at Hot Topic and such but it was also on the webstore.

  53. Jokers Cards Hand Deck  $45+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Screen printed webstore zip-up hoodie with a clusterfuck of graphics to please your eyes.

  54. Posse Has Arrived  $45+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Zip-Up mall hoodie with the Jokers Cards forcing their way through a door ala The Shining with "The Posse Has Arrvied" on the back. They sure have.

  55. Black Hole Zip-Up  $50+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Hot Topic hoodie featuring the Jokers Cards being sucked into a black hole or smething along those lines. Alot of Zip-Up's being made all of a sudden.

  56. Olde English Logo  $65+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Plan black hoodie with the ICP Olde English logo on the front. This debuted on the webstore in May 2008.

  57. ICP Ringmaster Letters  $65+
    Versions: 1) Black
                     2) Grey
    Comments: Very simple design here with the old school Ringmaster era ICP logo and accompanied by nothing else.

  58. Joker Cards 2008  $65+
    Versions: 1) Red Carnival Of Carnage
                     2) Black Carnival Of Carnage
                     3) Black Ringmaster
                     4) Black Riddlebox
                     5) Grey Riddlebox
                     6) Black Great Milenko
    Black Jack Jeckel
                     8) Black w/ Blue The Wraith: Shangri-La
                     9) Black Hells Pit
    Comments: These all came onto the webstore in May 2008 to prepare you for the summer?

  59. Funhouse Letters  $65+
    Color: Black
    Comments: Plan black hoodie with the ICP funhouse letters gimmick on the front. This debuted on the webstore in May 2008.