DBM Stash
*Nothing for sale
*I know you guys have PSY stuff I don't have but I'll almost definitely buy anything Strange you have that I don't
*Some CDs are pre-orders but I know I'm to lazy to come back and change them later

Psychopathic Records
1998 Sampler
American Psycho Tour EP (Sealed)
Holiday Heat (Sealed)
2012 Sampler (Sealed x2)
Psychopathic Psypher 1-4 (Sealed)
PSYR17 (Sealed)

Anybody Killa
Hatchet Warrior

Axe Murder Boyz
2004 Sampler (Sealed)
The Unforgiven Forest Sampler-Green (Sealed)
The Unforgiven Forest
Underdogz EP
Underground Psychos Demo
Blood In Blood Out
Cutt & Stiched
God's Hand
Body in a Hole
Strictly 4 The Scrubs: The Mixtape (Signed)
The Garcia Brothers

Audio W/ AMB
Canonize The Mixtape Vol.1
Mindshot-Run With The Murderous Limited Edition
Pray-Save Yourself
Intrinzik-Fall Guy: Resurre6t7on (Sealed)
Jdirty-#allfeatures (Sealed)
Bloodstepp-Bass And Bubblegum-Hologram/Scratch & Sniff (Signed)
Bloodstepp-Grand Theft UFO

Blaze Ya Dead Homie
Blaze Ya Dead Homie
1 Less G in the Hood
Colton Grundy: The Undying
1 Less G in the Hood-Deluxe
Clockwork Gray Sampler
Clockwork Gray
Blaze 'n' Bake EP (Sealed)
Let It Burn Single
Let It Burn Single w/cover
Gang Rags Reborn (Signed and Sealed)
Rules 2 the Game Single (Sealed)

Audio W/ Blaze Ya Dead Homie
Potluck-Rhymes and Resin-FYE Deluxe Edition

The Harvest (Sealed)
Punkinhead EP (Sealed)
Krimson Creek (Sealed)
South of Hell (Sealed)

Audio W/ Boondox:
Underground Avengers OG (Sealed)
Underground Avengers Re-Issuse (Sealed)
Outbreak Monkey-Monkeypox Vaccine Kit (Signed)
Outbreak Monkey-Dope Cuts Compilation (Sealed)
The Wormwood Tour (Signed)

Cold 187um
The Only Solution

Dark Lotus
Echoside Single (Sealed)
Tales From the Lotus Pod-Red
Tales From the Lotus Pod-Revised
Black Rain
The Opaque Brotherhood (Sealed)
The Opaque Brotherhood-Deluxe
The Mud,Water,Air and Blood

The Dayton Family
Psycho (Sealed)
Charges of Indictment (Sealed)

Pony Down (OG)
Back on da Block (Sealed)
Don't Get Stomped Single

Insane Clown Posse/Inner City Posse
Dog Beats
Carnival of Carnage
Chicken Huntin Slaughterhouse w/Fabulous
Riddle Box
A Carnival Christmas Re-Issue
Tunnel of Love
Tunnel of Love-XXX (2013, 1 Sealed, 1 Open)
The Great Milenko-Hollywood Promo
The Great Milenko-Hollywood Gold
The Great Milenko-Island Red
Xmas '97 (Sealed)
The Amazing Jeckel Brothers-Advance CD
The Amazing Jeckel Brothers-Jake
The Amazing Jeckel Brothers-Jake Slipcase
The Amazing Jeckel Brothers-Jack Slipcase
Bizaar/Bizzar Sampler (Sealed)
Hallowicked 2001
The 6th Sampler-Blue/Gold
Homies 2 Track Sampler (Sealed)
Hallowicked 2002 (Sealed)
The Wraith: Shangri La-Live DVD
Homies 5 Track Single-Australian
Hallowicked 2003
The Wraith: Hell's Pit-Bowling Balls DVD
The Calm (Sealed)
Forgotten Freshness 4 (Sealed)
The Wraith: Remix Albums
The Tempest
Eye of the Storm (Sealed)
Hallowicked 2007
Bang! Pow! Boom! Sampler
Bang! Pow! Boom!-Red
Bang! Pow! Boom!-Green
Bang! Pow! Boom!-Blue
Hallowicked 2009
Bang! Pow! Boom!-Nuclear
Hallowicked 2010
The Mighty Death Pop-Red
The Mighty Death Pop-Black
The Mighty Death Pop-White
The Mighty Death Pop DJ Tool Kit (Sealed)
Hallowicked 2012 (Sealed)
When I'm Clownin' Single (Sealed)
Hallowicked 2013 (Sealed)
20th Anniversary Hallowicked Collection
The Marvelous Missing Link-Pre-Order (Sealed)

The Pendulum 1-12

Audio W/ ICP
Kottonmouth Kings-Classic Highs

Fuck off 4 Track Re-Issuse
Wizard of the Hood

Legz Diamond
9 Pistolas

Mike E. Clark
Murder Mix Vol.1 (Sealed)
Murder Mix Vol.2 (Sealed)

Psychopathic Rydas
Limited Edition Scrmips EP
A Ryda Holiday
Duk Da Fuk Down
Eat Shit N Die (Sealed)
Backdoor Rydas (Sealed)

Soopa Villainz
Furious (Sealed)

Mostasteless Re-Issuse
Mostasteless Re-Issuse-Advance CD
Cryptic Collection-Dual Re-Issuse (Sealed)
Freek Show Sampler
Freek Show OG
Freek Show Re-Issuse
Cryptic Collection 2-Dual Re-Issuse (Sealed)
Mirror Mirror Sampler (Sealed)
Mirror Mirror (Sealed)
The Green Book-OG
Cryptic Collection 3 (Sealed)
The Story of Our Lives Single
Man's Myth (Vol.1) (Sealed)
Mutant (Vol.2) (Sealed)
Man's Myth Sampler
Cryptic Collection: Halloween Edition (Sealed)
Independents Day Re-Issuse
Toxic Terror Tour EP
That's Wicked Single (Sealed)
W.I.C.K.E.D.-Bonus Tracks
End of Days Tour EP
Cryptic Collection: Holiday Edition (Sealed)
Heartbroken and Homicidal
Cryptic Collection 4
A Cut-Throat Christmas
Kronik Collection (Sealed)
A New Nightmare-Twiztid Shop (Signed/Sealed)
A New Nightmare-Global Release (Sealed)
Red Vinyl (Series 1) #211/300
Impending Evil-Fright Fest 2013
Get Twiztid-Regular
Get Twiztid-Pre-Order
For The Fam Volume 2 (Sealed)
A Place In the Woods (Sealed)
Bad Trip
Boogiman Single (Sealed)
Darkness (Signed)
Twiztid Kix Single (Sealed)

Audio W/ Twiztid
Potluck-Greatest Hits With My Buds (Signed by Underated)
Potluck-Straight Outta Humboldt
Durty White Boyz-Thug Pretty EP (Sealed)
Lil Whyte & Jelly Roll-No Filter (Signed)
Aqualeo-Black Magic (Signed)
Liquid Assassin-Mongrel

Phatso (Sealed)
Phatso Earth 2
Chainsmoker (Sealed)

House of Krazees:
Home Sweet Home-OG
Home Bound
Season of the Pumpkin-Fight Fest (Sealed)
Head Trauma
Casket Cutz (Signed/Sealed)
Casket Cutz-Orange Cassette (Sealed)
Casket Cutz-Purple Cassette (Sealed)

Zug Izland
Cracked Tiles

Strange Music
Tech N9ne/Project Deadman Sampler (Sealed)
Hostile Takeover Tour Sampler (Sealed)
2008 Sampler
2008 Killer/Tales From The Sick Sampler (Sealed)
Strictly Strange Tour '08 (Sealed)
2009 Sampler
2010 Infection Sampler (Sealed)
Strange Days Tour (Sealed)
2013 Independent Powerhouse Sampler

Big Scoob
Big Fella/Salue Single (Sealed)
Damn Fool
No Filter EP (Sealed)

Brotha Lynch Hung
Dinner and a Movie (Sealed)
Coathanga Strangla (Sealed)

Audio W/ Brotha Lynch Hung
Something Awful-Taking Lives
Something Awful-Taking Lives (Mixtape Version)

Ces Cru
The Playground (Sealed and Signed)
13 EP (Signed)
Constant Energy Struggles (Signed)
Codename: Ego Stripper

Godemis-The Deevil
Ubiquitous-Matter Don't Money

Audio W/ Ces Cru
JL B Hood-Brain Scatter 2 (Signed)

Automatic (Sealed)

Grave Plott
The Plott Thickens (Sealed)

Jay Rock
Follow Me Home (Sealed)

Krizz Kaliko
Do It Like I Do It/Let's Dip Single (Sealed)
Genius (Signed)
Shock Treatment
Kickin' & Screamin (Signed)
NEH'MIND EP (Signed)
Son of Sam (Signed)

Kutt Calhoun
B.L.E.V.E. (Sealed)
Feature Presentation (Sealed)
Raw and Un-Kutt Sampler (Sealed)
Raw an Un-Kutt
Red Headed Stepchild (Sealed)
Kelvin EP (Signed)
Black Gold (Signed)
Flamez Mixtape (Signed)

Stuck on an Island
Take Me To Your Leader (2 Signed Booklets)
Thrift Store Halos

¡MURSDAY! (Signed)

Wrekonize-Problem Single-Vinyl (Signed)
Wrekonize-The Rooftops Mixtape (Signed)
Wrekonize-The War Within (Signed)
Wrekonize-A Soiree For Skeptics (Signed)

Music W/Wrekonize
Kap Kallous-Grandeur

Project Deadman/Prozak
Advanced CD Single (Signed)
Self Inflicted (Sealed)
Tales From the Sick (Sealed)
Parnormal (Signed)
Nocturnal (Sealed)

White Jesus Revival (Signed)
The Life and Times of Johnny Valiant (Signed)
Next To Nothing (Signed)

Audio W/ Rittz
Elephant Room-Dumbo's Circus
Caskey-The Transient Classics
Potluck-The Humboldt Chronicles

Skatterman & Snug Brim
Urban Legendz (Sealed)
Sukka Dukka's/On My Feet Single (Sealed)
Word on the Streets (Sealed)

Stevie Stone
The Countdown Promo (Sealed)
New Kid Comin'
Rollin' Stone (Signed)
2 Birds 1 Stone (Signed)

Audio W/ Stevie Stone
Liquid Assassin-Cardell
Bukshot-Helter Skelter (Signed)

Tech N9ne
Big Bad Wolf/Soul Searchin' Vinyl
Cloudy Eyed Stroll/Mitch Bade Vinyl
The Calm Before The Strom-OG
The Calm Before The Storm-Re-Issuse
The Worst-1st Re-Issuse
The Worst-2nd Re-Issuse
The Worst 2k Edition-OG
The Worst 2k Edition-Re-Issuse
Anghellic Sampler
It's Alive Single
Anghellic (1 Sealed, 1 Signed)
Slacker Single (Sealed)
Slacker Single Full Case
Absolute Power 9 Track Sampler (Sealed)
Absolute Power 16 Track Sampler (Sealed)
Absolute Power Advance
Absolute Power
Absolute Power-Clean
Imma Tell Single (Sealed)
Here Comes Tecca Nina Single (Sealed)
Im a Playa Single-Cross Cover (Sealed)
Im a Playa Single-Face Cover (Sealed)
Anghellic Reparation
Vintage Tech
Everready Sampler (Sealed)
Everready-Clean For Radio Play
Everready (Signed)
Misery Loves Kompany
Everybody Move/Like Yeah Single (Sealed)
Killer-Clean For Radio Play
Sickology 101 (Sealed)
The Lost Scripts of K.O.D.
The Gates Mixed Plate
Bad Season Mixtape
All 6's and 7's (Signed)
The Lost Scripts of K.O.D. and Seepage EPs
Welcome to Strangeland (Sealed, Signed Booklet)
Welcome to Strangeland (Best Buy Edition)
Klusterfuk (Signed)
Boiling Point (Signed)
E.B.A.H. & Boiling Point EPs (Sealed)
Something Else (Sealed)
Something Else-Deluxe Edition
Something Else-Vinyl (Sealed)
Fragile-Vinyl (Sealed)
Therapy (Sealed)
Strangeulation (Sealed)
Strangeulation-Deluxe Edition (Sealed)
Strangeulation-Vinyl (Sealed)
I'm A Monster
Special Effects-Deluxe Edition (Sealed)
Special Effects-Vinyl (Sealed)

Audio W/ Tech N9ne
Teacher Killers Vol.2
57th Street Rogue Dog Villians-Its On Now OG
57th Street Rogue Dog Villians-Its On Now Summer Edition (Sealed)
57th Street Rogue Dog Villians-My Dogs For Life
57th Street Rogue Dog Villians-Roguish Ways (Sealed)
57th Street Rogue Dog Villians-New World Hustle Street Edition
JL B.Hood-Brain Scatter (Sealed)
Beef Soundtrack (Sealed)
Sway & King Tech-The Anthem Single Promo
Aqualeo-Speaking of the Devil
Cool Nutz-Elegant Thggin'
Five Finger Death Punch-The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell Vol.1-Deluxe Edition
Crooked I-Apex Predator (Sealed)
Twista-Dark Horse
Ceza-Yerli Plaka
Travis Barker-Give The Drummer Some

Young Bleed

Snow the Product
Unorthodox (Signed)
Good Nights & Bad Mornings 2:The Hangover (Signed)

Audio W/ Snow
Issues-Black Diamonds (Ft.Snow the Product)

Underground Hustlin'
1-w/DVD Case (Sealed)
2-w/DVD Case (Sealed)
3-w/DVD Case (Sealed)
4-Packaged w/ Fallguy Resurrection
7-w/Tech N9ne
12-Bar Wars
22-Hosted By Cappadonna
24-Hosted By Daisy De La Hoya (Sealed)
25-Hosted By Esham (Disc 1)
28-W/Snoop Dogg
34-Hosted By AMB (Sealed)
37-Hosted By Necro (Sealed)
39-Hosted By Brotha Lynch Hung (Sealed)
40-Hosted By Ron Jeremy (Sealed)
41-Hosted By Kung Fu Vampire
42-Hosted by Mastamind
43-Hosted By Krizz Kaliko (Sealed)
44-Hosted By King Gordy (Sealed)
45-Hosted By Kutt Calhoun-Special Edition (Signed/Sealed)
45-Hosted By Kutt Calhoun (Sealed)
46-Hosted By DJ Clay (Sealed)
47-Packaged w/ Taking Lives
48-Hosted By Ces Cru
50-Hosted By Blaze Ya Dead Homie

Raw (Signed)
Haywire (Sealed)
Knock Madness w/3D Cover (Signed)

Dizzy Wright
Smokeout Conversations (Signed)
Smokeout Conversation Mixtape (Sealed)
DJ Hoppa Presents: Sticks and Stems (Signed by DJ Hoppa)
The First Agreement (Signed)
The Golden Age (Signed)

Cannibal Clown
Metal Murder Mixtape
Metal Murder Mixtape Vol.2
The Grinch
Teddy Vs. KC (x2, 1 Signed)
Suicidal Singles
The Christmas Nightmare Single
Heavily Medicated Single
Metal Murder 3D

Audio W/ Kidcrusher
Bloodstepp-Chainsaw Underworld (Signed)
Bloodstepp-Remixed and Chainsawed (Signed)
Bloodstepp-Remixed and Chainsawed-Full Case

Canonize Records (No AMB)
Pray Sampler 2010 (Sealed)
I Murda Mixtape OG
I Murda Mixtape Re-Issuse
Jdirty- #nofeatures

Mad Insanity Records
Mars-Mars Attacks
Mars-School House Glock EP
Mars-Zodiac Mixtape
Teacher Killers Vol.1 (Ft.Mars)
KFV-Dead Sexy (Signed)
KFV-Love Bites (Signed)

Random Shit
Bukshot-The Problem Sampler
Bukshot-R.E.D. Single (Sealed)
Immortal Technique-Revoltionary Vol.2
The Jokerr-Welcome to the Show-2011
The Jokerr The Confirmation Collection
The Jokerr-Mayhem Night
The Jokerr-Trail of Destruction (All 4 Versions Signed)
The Jokerr-Sing Aithen Sing (Signed)
The Jokerr-Collective Chaos IRC Vol.1 (Signed)
The Jokerr-Jokerr's Legacy
Masetti-Dreamer (Signed)
Yelawolf-Box Chevy V Single
Yelawolf-Love Story
JL B.Hood-Adderall (Signed)
Island Earth Music-Close Encounters
Intrinzik/McNastee-Our Favorite Album (Signed)
[Image: 0BbaCP6.png]
Added Shaggy & J Solos, & Rydas.

Updated ICP, Twiztid, HOK, Drive By, Rittz, Strange Music, & U.G.H.
[Image: 0BbaCP6.png]
very nice
[Image: 6F1joE6.gif]
[Image: 6F1joE6.gif]
[Image: 6F1joE6.gif]
Few small updates to Twiztid,Tech,ICP,UGH

*Pending* Some Snow the Product and the Strange 2013 sampler soon.
[Image: 0BbaCP6.png]
More small updates

Audio w/Blaze
Audio w/Twiztid
Audio w/Tech
Audio w/Stevie Stone
Strange Music
Mad Insanity
Random Shit
[Image: 0BbaCP6.png]
updated twiztid, tech n9ne, mayday, and a few others. main addition being the 57th street RDV-It's On Now OG
[Image: 0BbaCP6.png]
should sell me the amb's ....
(08-01-2013, 06:56 PM)S.K.M.F. Wrote: should sell me the amb's ....

I'll keep you in mind if I ever decide to lol. The Underground Psychos demo is the 1of1 but I think Skidmark also has all the others I have. Though I doubt he's letting go of them either lol

[Image: 0BbaCP6.png]
i had bought the scrubs mixtape pre order(auto'd) and the body in a hole ep for a ex gf when they dropped. and not myself..so i paid a arm and a leg for the ep a while back and yet to find the mixtape....i dont know what i was thinking.
i had a 2nd signed copy when the mixtape dropped cause they sent me 2 by mistake. I gave the other away lol. You can usually get the mixtape at reptheaxe.com (if you dont want it signed) but its down right now apparently.
[Image: 0BbaCP6.png]
Stash List is currently up to date as of 9/23

Current Main Interest:
OG Tech-Calm Before the Storm
OG Tech-The Worst
OG Tech-The Worst 2k
Tech-Mitch Bade Vinyl
Tech-Big Bad Wolf/Soul Searchin
57 RDV-New Wrold Hustle

Anything Strange/Tech I don't have

PM me if you have any of these

[Image: 0BbaCP6.png]
Finally updated this.

Still looking for any early Tech and all Strange Audio.

OG Calm Before The Storm and The Worst 2k on the way.
[Image: 0BbaCP6.png]
[Image: 0BbaCP6.png]
Finally updated. Mostly some really nice strange music and tech n9ne pieces with a few other artist slightly updated.
[Image: 0BbaCP6.png]

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