My for sale list of cds
PM me if something interests you

2 dope-Fxck cd (og cd sealed (248 area code)
2 Dope-Fxck off (original sealed, 810 area code)
5 Ela- Wil be televised (album/mixtape, sealed, features Production by J Dilla and more, features Baatin of Slum Village, and a Proof outro)
50 Cent Vs. Nas-I declare War (double cd, sealed, Features 5150 mentally insane dissing bizarre of D12, features Bugz of D12, Disses to Royce, K-Doe and Big Herk remixes, ICP, Street Lord Juan Dissing Eastside Chedda Boyz, Chedda boy malik, Jay Z and Nas dissing each other)
5150 Mentally Insane-Damaging Words (features Bizarre of D12)
Abrasuve Method-4:00 AM
Abstrakt Intellekt-First contact (features DJ Butter, Hush, Paradime, mike e clark and more, sealed)
Ajax-2004 Sampler
Al Nuke- My world
Alley Life- Straight from the 313
Artful Dodgers-The album..lazy eyes
Athletic Mic League-Sweats and kicks
Bad Mind-Worship ( edition and original)
Believing in Detroit- (Tribute to Vladdy and Sergei (Esham is on this cd as “skating daddy”, cd is sealed)
Best of Motor City Music Conference 2005 (Features Paradime and more)
Binary Star-Masters of the universe
Bizarre of D12-LP1 Snippets promo cd
Black Magic Crossing-The balance (affiliated with rapper hush)
Cash Cola-Life in general (was released on Trick Trick’s old label (Wonder Boy Entertainment, features Lola Damone, Twista, Bone Crusher, Baby, Big Herk)
Champtown-Check it! The EP (Features Da Ruckus, Produced by Eminem’s one time rap partner, Manix, Champtown was once Kid Rock’s Stage partner/Hypeman)
Chedda Boy Malik Promo (We do it big promo)
Clinton Sparks and Eminem-Anger Management 3 (sealed cd, case cracked, features Eminem, Lloyd Banks, 50 cent, Dr. Dre, Eminem, and tons more)
Crime Mob-Self titled (knuck if you buck, a little scratched)
D12-Mixtape (disses royce etc)
Da Ruckus-Episode 1 (features Eminem and swifty of d12 (1998) ( a little scratched up)
Dead by 28-The Spawning (produced by Mike E Clark)
Defekt-All I got left (exclusive single, rare)
Defekt-Defekt’s X-Mas Sampler (2000, signed, rare)
Dial 81-Boxcar Portal (Freeze of Halfbreed, Level Jumpers etc, Sealed)
Dj Butter- Kill the DJ (Features D12, Eminem, Royce, Proof, Bugz, Paradime, Supa Emcee, Slum Village, Da Brigade and more!)
Dj Butter- Make my day (featuring big proof on 32 tracks, features d12, 50 cent, 5 ela, obie trice, and more)
Dj Butter- Parking lot pimpin’ (phat kat, mountain climbaz, Eminem, D12, Proof and more)
Dj butter presents Valid-The Mixtape (features 5 ela, miz korona, supaemcee
Dj Butter presents-Bad meets evil (19 royce and Eminem songs)
Dj Butter-June The Freshman-Mixtape Volume 1
Dj Butter-Lyrical Smack Down (Eminem/D12 vs Royce and D-Elite)
Dj Eclipse’s-The Halftime Show- A tribute to Jay dee (donut district, Slum Village, 2 cds)
Dj Exclusive-Luthasism (hosted by Proof of D12, RARE)
Dj Green Latern-Invasion (Eminem/D12/Obie Trice disses to Benzino, and 50 cent, the game, Jay Z, 2 Pac and more)
Dj Houseshoes-I got next (2 cds) (features guilty simpson,baatin, Royce 5’9, Loe Louis, King Gordy, RAW collection, Proof, Marv One)
Dj King David-Detroit Streets Volume IV (features Mountain Climbaz, Proof, Dogmatic, El Zhi, Loe Louis, Miz Korona, Rock Bottom, D12, etc)
Dj Rec’s-The best of the 9D’s (fat joe, KRS One, Masta ace, and more)
Dj Suckafree presents presidents of the wicked underground mixtape (features menacide, Cashis, Saint Sinna, Crossworm, Swifty Of D12, Mars,Dogmatic, Dayton Family, and many more)
Dj Young Mase and Obie Trice- The streets are shady ( obie trice exclusives, marv won, cashis, Eminem, k doe, stretch money, and more)
Dj Young Mase-Recovery Mixtape (Eminem on cover, proof, 50 cent, dr.dre, obie trice exclusives)
Dj Young Mase-The Reunion Mixtape(D12 reunion live, features Royce, fat ray, and d12)
Drunken Master’s-Drunkenstyle the Mixtape Album (sealed, features Redman, Kurupt, Busta Rhymes, Gangsta Boo, and more)
Eazy E-Eazy Duz It (minor scuffs)
Eminem-Just don’t give a fxxk single
Esham/Natas snippet tape (4 tracks, sealed 1999)
Esham-In Detroit single
Esham-woo woo woo single
Esham-World hustle single
Esham-You betta ask somebody cd single
Frogg-Froggadelic (Web Entertainment, Rare)
Frukwan of Gravediggaz-Life
Ganksta NIP-Interview with a killa promo cd
Ganksta NIP-Psychotic Genius
Gator-Focused mixtape volume 1 (Features Baatin of Slum Village, Al Nuke and more
Halfbreed-The End (sealed)
Hex of L.U. Cipha-Devils Mask tape sealed
Hip Hop Flava 8 (1998, features Eminem on original “just don’t give a fxck”, and many more aristt)
Hush-Bulletproof- (Features Nate Dogg, Talib Kweli, Bizarre, Eminem, Kuniva, Swifty from D12, and Bareda and Lo Down)
Hush-Roses and Razorblades (features Royce 5’9, and more, classic, hard to find Detroit album)
Hush-Sampler for Bulletproof
ICP-Forgotten Freshness 4 (double cd)
ICP-Hatchet History
ICP-Mutilation mix
Ikkurruz-Dark Meadows-Features Bizarre of D12, Mental Ward , Troubled Mindz, and more
Indo G-Angel Dust (three 6 mafia all over this)
Intrinzik-My favorite album (double cd/dvd, features Proof of D12
Invinisible- Shape Shifters
Jake the Flake- Jake the flake and the flint town thugs-Features Shoestring of the Dayton family, Bone Skanless, and D.F.C., (Pretty rare)
Jay Z-Dead Presidents single
Juicy J-Chronicles of the juiceman cd
K.A.O.S.-The appetizer (Tape)
K’Naan-You can’t buy this (features Nelly Furtado)
Kardiac-Sharing needles single
Kardiac-The 5 myrtle massacre
K-Deezy- Half Man Half Machine mixtape (street lord member)
Kid Rock-Devil Without a cause promo cd
Kingpin Skinny Pimp-Skinny but dangerous (a little scratched up_
Kool Keith presents the Undatakerz
Lady Blade-09’ is mine mixtape (Blade Icewood’s Neice,features a R.I.P. Blade song, and a song with Blade Icewood and Cashout of Street Lordz)
Lavel-I’m a menace (Sealed, single, features The R.O.C, Beast from the Howse,Esham, Mr.Y.u.g.
Lavel-Nutty (features Esham, R.O.C. Mastamind, Mr.y.u.g.)
List of items I would like to sell:
Madewest Entertainment-For the love of money (features Eminem, Rick Ross, Akon, Lodge Boys, Daz, Royce the 5’9, Crane Novacane, Lil Wayne)
Major League Entertainment-Double Homicide (sealed, Features Royce the 5’9, and Das EFX)
Menacide-Drugz Drugz Drugz (features Proof of D12, Q strange, Mr.Sche, white boy ric, and more)
Moebadis and Snake presents Snake Pletskiano-The Prescription (Features Mastamind of Natas and Moebadis)
Moebadis and Snake-Stockz and Bondz (Features Esham dissing D12)
Mountain Climbaz-Unnecessary Roughness
Muff Man-Misunderstood (features Eastside Chedda Boy Malik)
Natas-WWW.COM (red, sealed, promo)
Necro-Rare demos and freestyles Vol. 3 (scratched up_
Necro-Rare demos and freestyles Vol.2
Obie Trice-Secon Rounds on me sampler
Obie Trice-The bar is open mixtape (Rare)
Outsidaz-Night Life (features eminem)
Paradime-Paragraphs-(Features Bugz and Bizarre of D12)
Paradime-Vices (Features Hush, Kon Artis and Swifty of D12, and Almighty Dreadnaughtz)
Playa Fly-Fly Sh_t (disses three 6 mafia)
Project Pat- Walkin’ Bank Roll
Project Psat- The Appeal mixtape
Proof-I miss the hip hop shop (sealed, rare, disses esham
Psychopathics from outer space 1 (Sealed, Space hatchetman on back)
Quiet as kept entertainment presents Detroit’s best kept secret-Features Da Ruckus, M.O.B., Hush, Bugz, Poe Whosaine, Bizarre, and more (released in1999)
REAL Entertainment- Sampler (Rare, features Proof of D12 on “Stainless”)
Rock Bottom-Who is rock bottom? (sealed, features Big Herk, Tango, Cash, J Nutty and more)
Royce the 5’9-Rock City (featuring Eminem)
Sabac-Sabacolypse (features Necro, Vinny Paz, Mr. Hyde, Ill Bill, Goretex, and more
Scarface- The last of a dying breed promo cd
Scarface-Models in mins-Features Exclusive Street Lord Juan and Chedda Boy Malik Freestyles (4), Jay Z, Royce, 2 Pac, Trick Trick, Nas, 50 Cent, and More!
Scarface-Volume 10-Features 50 cent, jay z, Street Lord Juan, Nas, Obie Trice, Eminem, Dr.Dre, Three 6 mafia and more ((31 tracks)
Scrooge-The sampler pack (features chedda boy lil dre “tax halloway”
Shane Capone-Flood These Streets (features D12.Hush, paradime, Bizarre, and more)
Shane Capone-Heated Speech (cd and dvd set, sealed, features Haystak, bareda, zellah Williams and more)
Sick Notes-The Virus (features Eminem, slum village, promatic, obie trice, Royce the 5’9. Street lordz, rock bottom, Eastside chedda boyz and more)
Simken Heights- Smokebox tape
Spread yo hustle Compilation album (Brotha Lynch Hung, M.C. Eiht, Celly Cell etc)
Strict-Born to die (sealed, Ethni-City Records, features ABK, pretty rare)
SUN-Shining Underground (Features Paradime and Bizarre of D12)
Super Heroes in Rap (Rare, released by Hush of Da Ruckus, Features Eminem skits, freestyles, songs, Slum Village, Bad meets evil, Bugz and Bizarre, Tech n9ne and many more, released in 99)
Tax Halloway of Eastside Chedda Boyz –Tax Season (Features Trick Trick, Eastside chedda boys, and more)
Teacher Killers The Album (Signed by The R.O.C., Features Mad Insanity, Castro, Dead Mike, Freeze,Brotha Lynch Hung, and more
The Jerky Boys-Stop staring at me promo (features jerky boys pranking people saying ICP’s name)
The Liks-X.O. Experience promo cd sealed
Tone Tone-Ride witcha boy mixtape
Toxsick-Intoxsickation sealed
Triple Six Mafia-Club Memphis underground Vol. 2
T-Woody-Hustle boy Hollywood (features lodge boy woe, Mack Nickels and more)
UGH 17- (Features Proof, Bizarre, King Gordy, and many more)
UGH 6-Features Monoxide and Durty White Boys, Proof of D12, Axe Murder Boyz, ILL Bill, Mcnastee
Uncle Ill-The Ill way 7 song sampler
WDP presents Helltown The Album (sealed,features Three 6 mafia, SOL, Gangsta Pat, Dayton Family, Brotha Lynch Hung, Gravediggaz, Q Strange, L.U. Cipha, Mad Insanity, Bad Mind, D-Mentd, Torchur, Hysteria
White Boy Ric-White Trash B-Boy (Features Proof of D12, Hush, Paradime, Mike E Clark, and C.O.A.)
White Devil Productions presents-Underground Shit Vol. 1- (Features Mr.Y.U.G., Dead Mike, Halfbreed, Krazy Klan, Hells Kitchen, Strict-9, Freeze, L.U. Cipha, Mad Insanity, and more)
White G-Never Afraid (KGP’s first tape, sealed!!!)
World Championship Records snippet (scratched up a little bit) (Stephan the retard, Bag of Hammerz, Dead by 28, Puddle of blood)
X-Raided- X-Files Volume 2 (2 cds,
Young Gator-Young thug lovin (featuring K-Deezy and Rick Ross)
Young Mase-East 94 Boyz-The Eruption
thats a nice list of detroit shit on there.
Thank you, sir.
whats the full phone number on the 810 fuck off cd...

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