Rob Zombie/ White Zombie As of 7/04/14 Including ABK Twiztid & Danny K
Ive been collecting Rob / White Zombie Records, CDs and Posters for a while. This is the CDs and records
[Image: DSCF0014.jpg]
Soul Crusher Record
[Image: DSCF0050.jpg]
This is Bootleg Psycho/ Soul, CD with a radio staion they was on and the Halloween Soundtrack.
[Image: DSCF0032.jpg]
This is the bootlegs Apocalypse Now, Astro Junkies , Demonic Possesions, Live Nov 1992 , Black Plauge and Resurrection Day
[Image: DSCF0031.jpg]
This is the single for Rob Zombies Never Gonna Stop Dead Girl Superstar & the Sinister Urge Advance CD copy
[Image: DSCF0019.jpg]
Astro Creep 2000 purple copy
[Image: DSCF0030.jpg]
Halloween Hootenanny Advance Copy , Thunderkiss JDevil Remix single, Zombie Live, The Milenium Collection CD/DVD, American Made Music to Strip by, Hellbilly Deluxe promo copy, Sinister Urge , War Zone Single, Hellbilly Deluxe CD/ DVD, The Great American Nightmare single and House of 1000 corpses Advance copy
[Image: DSCF0008.jpg]
This is Vatican Commandos Just a Frisbee which Rob did the art work for I know its not the actual art work but oh well , White Zombies first record and there second record first and second pressing 2 of which autographed by the Bassist Sean Yseult
[Image: DSCF0018.jpg]
Astro Creep 2000 Blue Copy
[Image: DSCF0052.jpg]
Kicking in Heavens Door Bootleg
[Image: DSCF0051.jpg]
Helloween in Vegas Bootleg
[Image: DSCF0003.jpg]
Dracula Single 2 picture records
[Image: DSCF0017.jpg]
Astro Creep Red Splatter Vinyl
[Image: DSCF0002.jpg]
Psycho Head Blowout 4th record
[Image: DSCF0016.jpg]
Make Them Die Slowly
[Image: DSCF0025.jpg]
2 Living Dead Girl singles, 2 Dragula Singles, Hellbilly Deluxe 1 & 2 , Educated Horses, Hell in a hand Basket, Past Present Future Advance Copy, & real copy, Halloween Hootenanny , Foxy Foxy, Scum of the Earth, and Superbeat singles , Sinister Urge Advance & House of 1000 corpses soundtrack
[Image: DSCF0013.jpg]
God of Thunder Black Vinyl
[Image: DSCF0012.jpg]
La Sexorcisto Glow in the Dark Vinyl
[Image: DSCF0045.jpg]
Super Charger Heaven & Real Solution #9 singles More Human Bootleg Let Sleeping Corpes Lie Box Set
[Image: DSCF0042.jpg]
Super Sexy Swingin Sounds Advance, I am Hell Single, Mae Them Die Slowly & The KMFDM Remixes
[Image: DSCF0041.jpg]
Zombie Classics 7 Hits from hell, More Human and Thunderkiss singles & Super Sexy Swingin Sounds
[Image: DSCF0040.jpg]
More Human , The One & Electirc Head Part 2 Singles, The Heavy Stuff Sampler, La Sexorcisto and Make them Die slowly/ God of thunder bootleg
[Image: DSCF0035.jpg]
2 Electric Head Part 2 singles , Children of the Grave, Black Sunshine Blood Milk & Sky and Ratfinks Suicide Tanks & Canibal Girls singles
[Image: DSCF0009.jpg]
This is the only bootleg I know of on record. This is the black & purple versions.
[Image: imagesCA7OYS13.jpg]
Good stuff dude.
[Image: 23kazjc.png]
honestly i never knew white zombie came out with that much stuff
[Image: atmosphere_ban2.jpg]
Alot of it is bootlegs
[Image: imagesCA7OYS13.jpg]
Heres an unpdate on what Ive got in the last couple months.
[Image: DSCF0091_zps8871081b.jpg]
You Only Die Once and Thunderkiss Bootlegs
[Image: DSCF0092_zps043d6230.jpg]
Singles for Demon Speeding . Im Your Boogieman Remix. Super Charger Heaven & thundrkiss 65
[Image: DSCF0095_zps580d8035.jpg]
Singles for Black Sunshine . Electric Head part 2 Clean Version . & Im Your Boogieman & The Sinister Urge Sampler
[Image: DSCF0099_zpscad68f82.jpg]
Devils Rejects Soundtrack
[Image: DSCF0103_zps134eedaa.jpg]
Astro Creep 2000 Black Vinyl
[Image: DSCF0104_zpsdfcfc098.jpg]
La Sexorcisto Black Vinyl
[Image: zombie_zpsd64247dc.jpg]
Mondo Sex Head
[Image: DSCF0100_zpse9667169.jpg]
And I thought these were cool. Its House of 1000 Corpses Trading Cards for the Murder Ride.

[Image: imagesCA7OYS13.jpg]
you got any white zombie press kits? I got a pretty vicious white zombie press kit collection.
[Image: jcoke.jpg]
I sure dont that be dope as hell though. Ive only seen a few theres one for the soul crusher album on the bay for 45
[Image: imagesCA7OYS13.jpg]
(12-28-2012, 12:04 PM)jtclarks Wrote: I sure dont that be dope as hell though. Ive only seen a few theres one for the soul crusher album on the bay for 45

I bought that a couple weeks ago. It was 50 tho, unless youre talking about another one, which is unlikely.
But yeah, a lot of the ones from sexorcisto and after are pretty easy to find with a couple exceptions, but ive got a bunch older than that which are insanely rare and fresh.
Id like to think I have a complete set at this point, as ive been collecting em for years, and haven't seen any others, but who knows.
[Image: jcoke.jpg]
i have the first major label album on glow in the dark vinyl -original press and i think i have one of the earlier releases too
yea I have the glow in the dark up there
[Image: imagesCA7OYS13.jpg]
yeah i saw it after i posted...
KMDM remixes...definitely have to look into that...
[Image: logo2.png]
anyone have any decent white zombie shirts they would consider getting rid of? been meaning to start a collection for a while. would like to start there if possible.
[Image: siggy_zps30751bac.jpg]
[Image: DSCF0104_zpsaf048750.jpg]
God Of Thunder Green Version
[Image: DSCF0113_zps38f5ebac.jpg]
[Image: DSCF0116_zpse3847bdb.jpg]
Soul Crusher Silent Explosion Release Only like 1000 made .They independently put this out before being signed by Caroline.
[Image: DSCF0112_zps193257cc.jpg]
Here we got the new Dead City Radio Single ,Sick Bubblegum Single ,What Single and The Ghastly ones A haunting we will go go Advanced copy put out by Zombies Zombie A Go Go records
[Image: DSCF0111_zps819a3f46.jpg]
This is the Banjo and Sullivan Greatest hits, 2 Let It All Bleed Out Singles , 2 Lane Black top Single, and a different Make Them Die Slowly Pressing
[Image: DSCF0110_zps6910dafa.jpg]
This is The Demonoid Phenomenom Single ,Thunderkiss 65 Single ,The Bomboras Head Shrinkin Fun(Zombie A Go Go Records) ,Rob Zombie Carnival Of Souls Cd-Rom ,Captin Clegg & The Night Creatures & Monster Magnet interview disc ( The Lead Singer gets interviewed by Sean Yseult- Bassist for White Zombie
Im starting to get into collecting ABK. I like ABK alot
[Image: DSCF0106_zps29bb8846.jpg]
Here is Devilish ,Perception Vs Reality ,Rain From the Sun Rerelease ,Frosty the Dopeman ,Underground reality & Holiday Jingles
[Image: DSCF0107_zps44f15155.jpg]
Hey Yall ,Last Chance Single Orange & Black 06 ,Strake Mix 1 and Pricella
Heres a few other things. Ive been collecting the HOK rereleases also
[Image: DSCF0108_zps315c1fe2.jpg]
Season of the Pumpkin and Head Trauma rereleases and Mr Bones Sacrafices,Drive By Pony Down Prelude and Back on da Block ep and Twiztid Mostastless first printing
[Image: DSCF0109_zps0e335266.jpg]
Here is ABK Dont Let Go and Underground Avengers ep
[Image: imagesCA7OYS13.jpg]
New Zombie
[Image: 0704142024a_zpse4da49d8.jpg]
Here is another Sick Bubblegum single, another Great American Nightmare single, Educated Horses Sampler, Hellbilly Deluxe Sampler American Witch Single & White Zombie Remix Single
[Image: 0704142024_zps5a2caf80.jpg]
Hellbilly Deluxe 2 version 2, La Sexorcisto Promo, Super Swingin Sounds Promo & Zombie Exclusive Sampler
[Image: 0704142023_zpsa4111acd.jpg]
Sinister Urge rare promo, Astro Creep Promo,Venomous Rat CD, Icon, MP3 Collection & Were an American Band Single
[Image: 0704142022a_zps1aeb436f.jpg]
These are almost all bootlegs Synthetic Delusions , Original Live Recorded, X-Treme Terror ,Greasy Junkies , Totally Destroy Vegas & Frankenstien spoken word
[Image: 0704142022_zpsa488e9c5.jpg]
Here are my tapes Astro Creep , Super Sounds , La Sexorcisto, Soul Crusher , Astro Creep Advance & 2 Different La Sexorcisto Advances
[Image: 0704142025_zps9ea2dc2f.jpg]
3 Russian Bootlegs of Astro Creep, Super Sexy Sounds & La Sexorcisot
[Image: 0704142002a_zpsfaef33f9.jpg]
2 7 inches The Bassists new band Famous Monsters & Dragula
[Image: 0704142003_zps8e9952cb.jpg]
Dead City Radio Record Store Day Red 10 inch
[Image: 0704142003a_zps0297f53a.jpg]
[Image: 0704142004_zpsc04baa3e.jpg]
These look the same but say 2 different things White Zombie Thunderkiss & Resurrection Day
[Image: 0704142002_zpsa7dd695f.jpg]
Supercharger Heaven Green 7 inch , Thunderkiss 7 inch Blue & War Zone 7 inch
[Image: 0704142000a_zpse6afcf9f.jpg]
Rob Zombie Sinister Urge
[Image: 0704142000_zps760afc5b.jpg]
Rob Zombie Remix A Go Go
[Image: 0704142112_zps49541901.jpg]
American Music to Strip By 2XLP
[Image: 0704142117_zpsb47d7761.jpg]
Thunderkiss KMFDM Remix 12'" Single

Now time for new ABK cds I got
[Image: 0704142120_zpsa8c60330.jpg]
ABKs 3 Verions of Medicine Bag , Strict 9 Dying 2 Live & Detroit Warriors Strike Mix 1 & 2 Slim Versions
[Image: 0704142121_zpsc12b2a19.jpg]
ABKs Holiday Jingles 2 Versions , Mr Yug TLG Collection Vol 1 , Lavel Mr Realiat , Krazy Klan Developmental rerelease & Mastamind Unfinished Business
[Image: 0704142124_zps2943eb4a.jpg]
Dagos Testamonia , Blaze 1 less G ep , Drive By Dont Get Stomped Single , ABK All Hallows Eve Single & 2 different versions of Orange & Black
[Image: 0704142125_zps57597fa3.jpg]
Tales From the Lotus pod , Mudface & Murder Cloak Single
New Twiztid
[Image: 0704142127_zps75a64063.jpg]
Cryptic Collection 4 Autographed , Both Versions of Get Twiztid ,
Mostastless Hoods Version , SOTP Original Cd & Place in the Woods Single
[Image: 0704142127a_zpsf8d29345.jpg]
HOK Home Sweet Home & Homebound , 4 the Fam vol 2,New Nightmare , End of Days ep & ROC welcome to Darkside
[Image: 0704142128_zps0ed0fd94.jpg]
Drive By Run These Streets , HOK Casket Cutz cd & Wormwood Tour cd
All Danny K cds
[Image: 0704142129_zps92f9bf6a.jpg]
[Image: 0704142159_zpsbc40bdcd.jpg]
Twiztid Red 7" , Casket Cutz Purple tape & Fright Fest 2013 single
[Image: imagesCA7OYS13.jpg]
Which versions of the orange/black, black/orange, devilish, holiday jingles, frosty the Dopeman, and strike 2 do you have?
What number on the twiztid vinyl
want to buy/trade for this stuff.

(07-04-2014, 11:48 PM)skidmark Wrote: Which versions of the orange/black, black/orange, devilish, holiday jingles, frosty the Dopeman, and strike 2 do you have?

[Image: 0705140703_zps312f7842.jpg]
[Image: 0705140704_zpse8814722.jpg]

(07-04-2014, 11:52 PM)docjonez420 Wrote: What number on the twiztid vinyl

[Image: imagesCA7OYS13.jpg]
I have House of 1000 Corpses dvd SCREENER
I really regret not buying my homegirl's White Zombie crew jacket.
[Image: nothingface.jpg]
I wish I had that jacket lol
I wish I had that all hallows eve cd..forgot about that one...damn it
i just picked up the new dont let go cd with the cover also
[Image: imagesCA7OYS13.jpg]
Their Purdy. I had mine arrive the other day.via trade.

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