some of the music i collect
i'll add my psy stuff soon, but i sold most of it a long time ago. i don't have anything left other than common stuff. here are artists i still collect music from. if you have something you think i might want let me know.


[Image: eminem1s.jpg]

[Image: eminem2j.jpg]

[Image: eminem3e.jpg]

[Image: eminem4.jpg]

[Image: eminemvinyl1.jpg]

[Image: eminemvinyl2.jpg]

[Image: eminemvinyl3.jpg]

[Image: eminemvinyl4.jpg]

featuring eminem

[Image: eminem5.jpg]

[Image: eminem6s.jpg]

[Image: eminemvinyl5.jpg]

[Image: eminemvinyl6.jpg]

rehab/brooks buford

[Image: rehabrooks.jpg]

g love & special sauce

[Image: glovek.jpg]

518/pitch control music/pig food records

[Image: 518hl.jpg]


[Image: atmospheren.jpg]

[Image: atmospherevinyl.jpg]
Jesus dude that's a pretty beast Shady collection..

Probably a stupid question but I assume those are all different pressings? Mostly wondering about the ones that are stacked on top of one another.
~I RuNz WiTh Da HoWsE, LaBeL mE KrAZeE 4 LyFe!!!~
the ones stacked on top of each other are just duplicates.
That headshots tape is a awesome piece I'm pretty sure thats a soul intent Tape on the top if so that's really cool. Can't really see if you have that stretch armstrong slim shady LP snippet tape.
[Image: images.jpg]
That is a beastly KNOW The Rehab stash is what Got me the most geeked.. But damn, I didn't know you fucked with Shady...the LOOOOONG way...Kudos
[Image: 6F1joE6.gif]
[Image: 6F1joE6.gif]
[Image: 6F1joE6.gif]
Still geeked on the Brooks/Rehab collection...Wonder what some of those go for...(IF you had to sell)
[Image: 6F1joE6.gif]
[Image: 6F1joE6.gif]
[Image: 6F1joE6.gif]
Honestly, thats probably the biggest eminem collection ive ever seen. Props to you sir!
Btw, i have some things youre missing tho. I'll dig thru my eminem stuff in a little bit here and ill let you know what i have that youre missing.
_Shady records towel.
_Fifth mile productions prepare for war sealed cd.
_Ssep vinyl(1st press).
_Ross music ssep era instore flier.
_Record time ssep era instore flier.
_Infinite European press/bootleg.
_Masts ace "game over" vinyl feat Eminem. _Royce da 5'9" "rock city" vinyl.
_Ruckus records "any man" 1st press vinyl open.
_Ruckus records."any man" reissue vinyl sealed.
_Sealed bad meets evil vinyl.
_Sealed 1st press Da Ruckus "we shine feat Eminem" sealed & signed by Eminem Hush & uncle Ill in 2004. (probably the only one in existance signed by all 3 artists)
_A hip hop rave flier from April 1999 (rave was in Detroit) Eminem, bizarre, da ruckus(hush & uncle ill) & DJ magic mike performed there. the flier is Signed by Eminem, Hush, Uncle Ill & Bizarre they all signed it in 2004. (probably the only flier in existance signed by all 4 detroit rappers who performed that night)
_The Angry Blonde book.
_Trick trick welcome to Detroit promo xl tshirt(has eminems name on it).
_Sicknotes the virus CD.
_Bad meets evil CD(1 open 1 sealed).
_Superheroes in rap CD on quietaskept records.
_D12 how come import CD single.
_D12 I'll shot on you CD single.
_D12 devils night promo snippet CD.
_Eminem shade 45 sirius mixtape.
_Royce da 5'9 rock city (blacklight cover) CD. _Shady records winter sampler CD (20+ full songs).
_Eminem live in concert (in Cali) m.m. era.
_Dr dre 'dretox' mixtape cd.
_Anger Management 3 xxl mini tour magazine w/ mixtape cd.
_Eminem " white baseball style" detroit & nyc tour shirt bought at the eminem & jay z concert in detroit.
_eminem "detroit tigers style" tshirt with the number 8 on the back, orange lettering...bought at the eminem & jay z concert in detroit.
Wow…fucking awesome eminem collection!
I love that shady vs stretch rockstar remix of my name is!
DTID - I'm so insanely jealous that you saw the Eminem/Jay-Z show …I wanted to go so bad!
I recorded some of the concert with my ipod video. Its distorted a lil bit but if i turn all treble down its more understandable.

It was a Good concert. Lots of surprise guests. Plus i made some good money cuz i bought some recovery bracelets & tour tshirts and posted them on ebay....I was the first person to do so....ppl in ny were jocking my idea, but its all good cuz the ppl in ny who were selling the same bracelets didnt make as much as i did.
My cousin bought tickets for her & her man. But acouple days before the concert she found out he was cheating on her so they broke up and she took me to the concert Smile

Eminem & jay z's set lists were.long. Like over an hour close to 90 mins each. Plus about an hour of songs from the special was a long concert now that i think about it
(03-03-2013, 08:37 PM)Detroit Till I Die Wrote: _Ssep vinyl(1st press).

What's this? I always thought there was only one pressing of the vinyl.
Theres 2 presses. First press on side b is the same as the cover of the cd, em breaking the glass.

The second press on side b is the "bar" picture of eminem in a church.

If you search google you might be able to see the two presses. Infact i think on my myspace page of my collection i have the second pressing of the ssep vinyl, the "bar" picture.
On my myspace collection page go to the "misc. Detroit" folder, scroll down to the bottom and youll see the side b "bar" picture with the ssep bumper sticker.
Oh, I guess I have the first pressing. I always thought the one you have on your Myspace was just a bootleg.
The one pictured on my myspace page is the second press. I sold it with the bumper sticker afew years ago for $350.

The first press contained 20 vinyls with the broken glass pic on side b. They wanted it to have the same pic as the cover of the cd&tape. The first press of vinyls were given to various detroit dj's to play certain edited songs on the radio. Whatever vinyls of the 20 were left over were given to various detroit area music stores to promote the ep.

*some speculate & consider the first pressing of vinyls (the broken glass pic) a promotional item. BUT there are NO markings anywhere on the record that states it is infact a promo vinyl.

The second press contained 30 vinyls. It has the same "bar" style picture on side b as the same pic as on side a. Due to wanting to press up more vinyls quickly (to sell on consignment) to save money they used the same picture on side a & side b.
The information i have on the ssep era items are from Marc Kempf, eminems old manager.

Im sure count fetty knows the difference between the two pressings of the ssep vinyls
He told you there were only 20 copies pressed of the first version?
It didnt sound right to me but from what i read online i think on wiki it has the numbers of how many copies of the cd, tape & vinyl were pressed up. And it matched from what i was told by a reliable source
There are definitely more than 20 out there. I wish that was true though. I would sell my sealed copy and make bank!
Problem with that is if youre expecting to get bank, like 1k, for a sealed 1st press youll be disappointed when you dont sell it.

In the last 3 years ssep vinyls have sold for $150 to $350 depending on which pressing, what is included, condition, and if people get in a bidding war over it. Sometimes it will sell for dirt cheap. I will admit i got lucky and had the bumper sticker included in the auction when i sold mine for $350

Finally got my hands on an original TWIMC

[Image: aG9nmm9.jpg]
[Image: EBcVCqu.jpg]

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