FS: 2 x Wraith Vinyls, 12 Pendulum Comics, Stickers/Flyers/Magazine Lot
Hello everyone. I used to be a part of this forum about 10-13 years ago back around the time of The Wraith era. I am doing some consolidating and want to get rid of some of my stuff. I am pretty firm on my prices and accept PayPal as my major form of payment. I have an eBay account with a rating of 62 with all positive transactions. If you need proof, PM me and I will gladly let you know.

I don't know about prices, but I do know that I want these items to go to someone who is interested in collecting and trading. I'd like them to stay in the community and stay with people where they will find a good home. If I don't have any takers within 3 weeks, I will put them all on eBay with no reserve. 

If you need more information and pictures, please let me know I and I will gladly add more to the Imgur album.

Post or send me a PM and I'll get back to you as soon as I can on your offer. Thanks!

----Photos of the ICP/Psychopathic Lot, Click Me!----

The Wraith Vinyl, Sealed - $25 Shipped
This is in about a 8/10 or 9/10 condition. Bought it back when it came out. Kept one sealed, kept one open. It retailed for $30+S/h and I've seen some outrageously priced stuff on eBay that is obviously not going to sell.

The Wraith Vinyl, Opened - $18 Shipped
This is in about a 7/10 condition. Again, bought it back when it came out. I think I listened to it about twice on vinyl, packed it up, and put it away. I don't have a record player anymore, so I can't test it, but it looks like it's in playable shape.

The Pendulum Comics, 12 Comics - $40 Shipped
These used to hang on my wall in my bedroom, above my closet. I used thumbtacks to hang them up each time I got a new one. The backs are opened and issues 1 and 2 were kinda mutilated at the top. I tried to take care of opening the rest of them to keep them in better shape. They all come with the CDs as seen in the picture. I read them once, ripped the CDs, and then once I got all 12, made the giant image. That was the extent of my use with these. They are in about a 7/10. I didn't store them very well, but they still open nice and read nice.

Flyer, Sticker, Magazine, Misc, Lot - $15 Shipped
This is a hodge podge of a bunch of random stuff I collected but wanted to get rid of. It's taking up space and again, some people will get more joy out of it. Most of these have pushpin holes in the top of them because I hung them up in my room when I was younger. Anyway, here's a breakdown of this stuff.
  • Green Bone Thugs and Twiztid Flyer, Real
  • ICP Wicked Wonka Flyer, Real
  • Joker's Wild Gallery Show, Bad reproduction
  • JCW Stranglemania Live, Bad reproduction
  • Riddle Box Sticker, Hot Topic
  • Great Milenko Sticker, Hot Topic
  • Great Milenko Badge, Hot Topic
  • The Wraith Shangri-La Flyer, Real
  • Psychopathics From Outerspace, Bad reproduction
  • ICP's Clownhouse, Bad Reproduction
  • Big Money Hustlas Flyer, Real
  • Forgotten Freshness Vol. 3, Real
  • Bizzar/Bizaar/Freakshow Circular Flyer, Real
  • The Wriath Shangri-La Flyers, Real
  • Mostasteless Re-Release Flyer, Real
  • Gathering of the Juggalos Flyer 2001, Double-Sided, Real
  • Jake Jeckel Flyer, Real
  • The Amazing Jeckel Brothers Flyer, Reproduction (I think I got this when I ordered the, "Mad Professor" single from Hot-Hits Inc. or Rock Of Ages back in 1999)
  • Race Riot Magazine Promo (I cut this out of a Hit Parader magazine from August 2000)
  • AP Magazine Shaggy 2 Dope, June 1999. This is in rough shape and unfortunately didn't have the, "Dirtball" single with it. You can tell the shape. It's like 4/10.
  • WWF, The Oddities, December 1998. Again, rough shape. But cool blast form the past. 4/10 condition.
  • Real Detroit, July 2001. Picked this up while in Detroit. Pretty cool article discussing ICP, Twiztid, and Mike E Clark back in the day before Psychopathic Records shot to the sky. In rough shape per usual. 4/10
Corporate Avenger, "Freedom Is A State Of Mind" Sampler Tape - $5 Shipped
I don't even think this group is around anymore. Spike does training videos for various IT and programming related careers and seems to be doing well. Not sure what Patrick is up to. Anyway, it's not worth much, but $5 will cover media mail and a bubbler envelope for it.
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PM'd awhile ago, I absolutely need one of those Wraith vinyl!
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Either of these Wraith vinyl still available?

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