ICP- The First Six
I tried uploading the rest but to take a look just follow this link

Differences from the first time we seen the box set on fuse to the official release

- Dog Beats CD ( Not in this set anymore,replaced with new 8 track EP ( House Of Wax )

Two Shot
I'mma Dickhead
The Zipper
Zen Of Love
Catch And Kill ft. Big Hoodoo & Young Wicked
Take It Out Of Me

-No Bonus material, originally it was said around the Psy office that the music was to be remastered and repackaged in digipack cds containing bonus flavor at the end of each disc as well rumored to have accompanied commentary before each track by Violent J and Mike E Clark and Mike P ( this however was scrapped and the box sets arrived with off-shelf copies of the discs,thankfully sealed.)

-No DVD Documentary which would have included rare performance footage of each era,interviews and music videos even rumored home video version of SouthWest Song that MEC found on a old VHS. All of this was scrapped unfortunately but hopefully wlll be released one day.

-Sony/BMG/ D3/ Def Jam/ISLAND/InGrooves logos on the back cover are not seen on the official release,but of special note JIVE is on the back the box and just SONY and Universal ( which island def jam was under the umbrella of )

- Special Note : Ringmaster CD has error on back ( For The Maggotos )

Original Prototype of Box Set can be seen here at this link


[Image: nl92ya.jpg]
I wanna see front and back pics of the cds...
There's videos online of them but honestly they are straight off the shelves of Hatchet Gear

COC IS 2005 Insaneclownposse.com 15 tracks
Ringmaster is the big face re-release,with the picture on the back of icp with for the maggotos written instead of maggots
then the rest are the same as the standard releases with the exception of Milenko not being Hollywood version obvously
Ringmaster having that Misprint makes me wonder.
(12-12-2014, 03:42 PM)S.K.M.F. Wrote: Ringmaster having that Misprint makes me wonder.

that's the same version they sell on HG
and they sell at concerts.
Doesnt look that great to me
There saving the remasters to do individually I bet.... More money
Very interested can you facebook me

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