1998 Promo CD with ICP's "The Party" Track
Just got this promo cd. It basically has the Party Mix CD track, but its just called "The Party" on this one. Pretty cool since the track itself is somewhat uncommon with the normal CD it was released on being rareish.

[Image: 006_zpse92969cd.jpg]
[Image: 005_zps65dde544.jpg]
[Image: jcoke.jpg]
damn i was just looking these up like last week too.haha nice pick up
nice find
[Image: atmosphere_ban2.jpg]
Matches my August '99 Wink
~I RuNz WiTh Da HoWsE, LaBeL mE KrAZeE 4 LyFe!!!~
I'm coming for you Mr. Black Bird....

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