Headtrauma ' s wants list!
If you have any of these items hit me up with a PM. I normally pay pretty well on the things I want. If you don't like my offer its simple counter it everyone knows how the game goes.

1. Canadian Jeckel Bros posters including the banner.
2. *OG Riddlebox posters.
3. *OG cassettes and foreign presses hit me up with ever on these.
4. *Black and white promo flats DOG BEATS to MILENKO era nothing past.
5. *OG flyers any and all up until Milenko era. Must be OG NO FAKES OR COPYS!
6. Backstage passes any and all.
7. *Twiztid Month of Mayhem poster.
8. Mosty Coming Soon poster
9. *House of krazees Posters and flyers (will drop $$)
10. Mr.Bones cassettes don't care the pressing.

These are in no sort of order. The ones with the * are things I'd really like. Hit me up with whatever you have pertaining to my wants and we will go from there.

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